Thursday, February 5, 2015

Starburst Valentines

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I love easy valentines but for some reason I prefer ones I print off to ones that I buy at the store.

Sometimes I can't find a valentine that will work exactly how I want it so... so I often make my own!

Today I am sharing my super simple starBURST valentines and my FREE printable. 

Notice this one requires no more than taping the starbursts onto the paper and handing them to your favorite friends!

I made three of these the other morning for my kids as part of our #14daysofkindness challenge!

Here are the links to the FREE printables...

These valentines lasted a total of maybe 3 seconds once they were discovered. My kids love Starbursts so they inhaled them fast!

We also read a few new Valentine's Day books that were sent from Harper Collins. We will try and review them and get back to you soon about them! Do you have any favorite books about hearts, love, or Valentine's Day?

Do your kids have to bring Valentines to school...?? If so, what type are they interested in?

I am aiming to start earlier this year so that I am not making our notes last minute like latest year!

PS- Don't forget that you can find my other 14 days of valentines posts right HERE.

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