Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kindness Mailbox Love Notes

I am having way too much fun doing the 14 Days of Valentines with my kids again this year. It has totally helped me feel kinder towards them because I am taking a few minutes every day to do something special for them (even more so than every other day).

Today I gave the kids these simple Kindness Mailbox Love Notes {+ mailboxes} and thought I'd share the mini kindness love note printable I made to go along with them!

Before I made the printables I bought my kids these cute mailboxes from Target in the dollar aisle. They had pink, red, and gray ones. 

Once I had the mailboxes I filled them with a few treats and then I made each child a set of mini valentines.

I wrote a note to each of my kids on the top note and then wrapped my note up with a few blank love notes so that the kids could pass along some kindness to their siblings later in the week! We thought writing love notes would be a fun way to accomplish some of our 100 Acts of Kindness!!

The printables come on a sheet with 6 per page or 9 per page. For little kids it would be hard to write/draw on the smallest version, so you'll want to use the 6 per page version. These ones won't fit in the mail slot but you can just lift up the mailbox and drop them in. Easy peasy!

You can download a high resolution image of our printable cards below. Just click on the size you want...

6 mini love notes printable per page

9 mini love notes printable per page

Writing kind notes to your kids is just one simple way to spread kindness in your home! In our home when the parents are being kind and thoughtful, the kids are usually kind and thoughtful... or are at least more kind than when mom and dad are grumps!

So far I've done 8 days of Valentines for my kids!! Here are all the sweet ideas we've shared along with links back to the sources. 

Kindness Mailbox Love notes (printable in this post!)

Have written any kindness notes or done any acts of kindness lately? Have your kids decided which valentines they'll be giving out this week? My kids are still deciding and I am hoping they don't wait till the absolute last minute!

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