Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 Kindness Challenge Week 1

The day is here! Today we are kicking off our 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge and sharing our first weekly challenge with you!

Between January 19th and February 14th we are trying to complete 100 Acts of Kindness! We are also passing along a kindness challenge every week on Monday. The goal is to complete that kindness challenge over the following week, in addition to several other acts of kindness.

This week's kindness challenge is focused on being kind to our families... so we set a super simple kindness goal to get us started!

Our Week 1 Kindness Challenge is...

Hide 5 love notes in secret places where your family members can find them. 

Start this out by...

1. Cutting out some hearts or decorating some pre-cut hearts and write a simple note on them (or have an adult write while you dictate also works)

2. Sneak around the house quietly and put your sweet notes in hiding spots where your siblings or mom and dad might not see them right away.

If you're doing this activity with a class of students, have them cut out 5 hearts and write notes and then take them home and hide them. If you are a parent helping your kids with this, help each child to cut out 5 hearts and write simple notes on them and then hide them. Don't be surprised if your toddler hides all 5 in one spot. 

I plan to also do these for my spouse but write a little compliment on each one. Older kids could get more creative and write more detailed kind notes too.

BE CREATIVE with where you hide these notes! Try and put one or two in places that won't be found for a little bit like inside shoes, deep inside a drawer, or in a page of your child's/siblings favorite book.  

If you want your toddler to hide their notes in more than one spot, model how to hide them and then have them copy you. They may put their notes in the exact same places you did, but then they'll at least be more spread out instead of all only in one spot.

Are you joining our 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge? Let me know in the comments once you've completed today's weekly challenge. Make sure to tell me your most creative hiding spot too!

Have you decided how you are going to count down your 100 acts yet?

You can download our free printable countdown chart here and here.

Need some more kindness ideas? Check out our 100 Acts of Kindness pinterest board and Coffee Cups and Crayon's free printable list of 100 Acts of Kindness for Kids

Pop by tomorrow to check out some more awesome kindness ideas from some of our blogging friends!


  1. Brilliant and kind idea to get us all thinking of others! I accept <3

  2. A wonderfully KIND idea to encourage us all to think of others !

  3. Definitely joining in on this! My son is almost two, but this will be good for both of us and a lot of fun. To do the hearts, I hid them around the house while he was napping. All afternoon he would find them. Sometimes would move them to a new spot, other times he would just leave them be. I have a few more hidden to use again later in the week. Can't wait for more ideas!

  4. I'm going to give it go in my classroom of 3 to 6 year olds! Not sure I'll do all 100 of them, but I definitely love this idea!

  5. such a good idea! I'm a grandmother of two girls (6 and 3) and when they'll come to me I sure will do! I'll suggest it to my daughter. Now going to find out some other ideas. Thank you!!!!!!

  6. Definitely joining in. I love spreading positivity but as things get busier I forget to actively do this so I need a boost on this front. Thanks for posting this. This is for me - I feel at my best when I'm helping others.


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