Sunday, January 11, 2015

14 Days of Valentines for Kids

Last year my friend Liz from Made on Maple told me about her adorable idea to do 14 days of valentines for her kids. She sent me some of her gift ideas and that got me excited to start looking for more! I pinned loads of ideas to my Valentine's Day pinterest board and then got to work putting gifts together for each day starting on February 1st all the way to February 14th.

I took a photo of each of our gifts and shared them on Instagram (I'm @kristinatoddlerapproved) using the hashtag #14daysofvalentines. Doing something special for them each day of February totally increased my love for them exponentially and brought so much more love into our home. It was so sweet!

Today I'm going to share all of the special gifts I gave out last year during the month of February so that if any of you want to join me in doing 14 Days of Valentines for your kids you have somewhere to start! 

I will also be posting this year's ideas on Instagram starting February 1st. I can't wait! Each post below is linked to the original source so that you can go and download the cute printables!

Day 1
You are O-fish-ally the best valentine by The Twinery featured on Skip to my Lou!

I gave my kids goldfish crackers AND swedish fish. That might've been a bit of an overkill gift, but I was SUPER excited for the first day!

Day 2
You are just write by Positively Splendid

In the post they used the free printable attached to pencils, but my kids were always breaking pencils so I gave them little pens instead. They loved them!

Day 3
You're a smartie valentines from Today's Mama

These ones were so easy and quick to make and my kids thought they were pretty funny.

Day 4
Whistling you a Happy Valentine's Day via Ucreateblog

The kids LOVED these. I was questioning my sanity for giving them whistles first thing in the morning, but they sure had fun. The whistles may or may not have ended up in the give away pile before the end of the day... but it was still a super cute idea.

Day 5
Valentine you color my world by Coming Up Rosemary

The idea with these was to make a crayon shaped heart to put where the empty heart is on the printable... but I was too lazy, so I bought the kids twistable crayons instead. They were stoked!

Day 6
Doh you want to be my valentine. #14daysofvalentines printable from The Nerd's Wife

These may have been my favorite ones. They turned out super cute and the playdough kept the kids busy and happy for awhile!

Day 7
You are ah-MAZE-ing idea from Balancing Home

My kindergartener had just gotten into mazes when I gave this to him and he was IN HEAVEN. Making the pencil arrows was super quick to do but jazzed up the whole thing. Loved this one!

Day 8.
I wheelie like you cute printable from The C.R.A.F.T. Blog 

I just bought a small pack of cars for this one and so after the kids found this gift they had a blast playing with cars for awhile and making them soar down ramps.

Day 9
Do you want to build a snowman? valentine from The Kim Six Fix

This was posted during the height of Frozen craziness last year and my kids thought this valentine was so cool. I'm not sure if their snowmen ever got made because eating the parts was so fun... but they still thought it was neat.

Day 10.
Blowing kisses your way from Made to be a Momma

Bubbles are always a hit!

Day 11.
Donut forget I love you a hole bunch. Cut printable from Caramel Potatoes.
My kiddos never get donuts so were in heaven. 

Since I couldn't find any donut holes when I was looking for them at the last minute, we settled with regular donuts. Yum!

Day 12
Printable Arrow Valentine made with a treat by Lisa Storms

Another simple one. Do you see a trend here? I loved finding simple valentines that looked cute by themselves and could get dressed up easily with one piece of candy.

Day 13.
Hey Valentine I think you're a star. Printable by Its Always Autumn

These ones were seriously gorgeous and my kids were happy because we deviated from chocolate treats.

Day 14.
A book for the kiddos!

Day 14 was also International Book Giving Day, so we worked together and found books to donate. We like to donate a new books to our library each year. I also give the kids each a book to enjoy.

Have you ever done 14 Days of Valentines? Have a favorite valentine I should pin or make for my kids this year? Share it in the comments!

If you want other cool valentines ideas we also have a candy heart patterning game we love plus 7 Valentine's Day crafts for toddlers.


  1. I liked these printable tabs, but I'd look for the hersey's Kisses and their 'hugs' as well and I absolutely adored the monster bag toppers here (I have two boys who would think this was the best)

  2. These are adorable!! I was looking on pinterest this weekend and found a cute bag topper that said "You are a cutie Valentine" and was attached to two cutie clementines in a bag. Another that I liked was "You make me happy when skies are gray" attached to watercolor paints.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Too much sugar, food coloring and GMOs in most for me and mine but that can be adapted. Your ideas were inspiring. Corrie, I think I'm going to use your 'cutie' idea for my students. :)


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