Monday, January 26, 2015

11 Quick Ways to Show Kindness

Acts of kindness don't have to be overly time consuming and can actually be very simple. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of extra listening and reading between the lines to see what people need help with. Often just smiling and saying hi to someone can be a HUGE way to show kindness.

We have been collecting some simple ideas for how we can show kindness to family members and friends. Today we are sharing 11 quick ways to show kindness that we like!

We managed to gather 11 ideas but actually have an entire pinterest board filled with tons more. As part of our 100 Acts of Kindness challenge I encourage you to do a few a day and also join us in our weekly kindness challenges (here's our week 1 challenge and our week 2 challenge).

Here are our some ideas to try...

Do some Secret Valentine's Day service!! 

Preschool Packets has a neat way to display acts of kindness and I love how quickly her tree is filling up! Check out how her kids have been kind to one another this week by doing thoughtful acts of service.

Play a simple giving game!

The Realistic Mama created a simple giving game that kids can play together with their families. I love how easy this is to play and know that my kids will love it. Totally trying it this week!

Make a kindness suggestion box!

Kitchen Counter Chronicles came up with this sweet idea. It really helped change the mode in her home.

Create a kindness countdown

Chicken Babies shares how to set up a kindness countdown in your home. I especially love the felt envelopes with kindness missions.

Create a kindness tip jar and fill it up with your family.

What We Do All Day shared this idea with us earlier this week and it is awesome.

Make a sweet craft for someone you love.

Messy Little Monster shared this simple I Love You to Pieces craft that is so easy for toddlers to make. Click over for the full tutorial.

We kept things simple by just finding quick and easy ways to show love to our family members and some friends last week.

We started off by making 5 hearts and accomplishing our Kindness Challenge week 1 goal!

My oldest even hid candy for everyone with his five hearts.

We also made hug coupons for our grandparents! 

This was a super simple idea that Coffee Cups and Crayons told us about!

We volunteered!

Later in the week my daughter and I did a simple act of kindness by helping out extra at her preschool. One of the teachers was sick so she needed extra help for about 30 minutes. We stayed at school and helped watch the kids. I even managed to sneak in some painting while I was there.

A friend also needed some extra volunteers at a preschool event. My kiddos happily tagged along and helped me babysit kids while also showing everyone how the toys worked. :)

Grab a sweet treat for someone special.

On Monday my favorite cookie store nearby went out of business. I was really sad, so my sweet husband stopped and grabbed me cookies on his way home from work. It totally made my night!

We also took brownies to some friends who were having a rough day. The brownies didn't fix the problems but made the day a little sweeter.

Leave happy notes on cars.

Last week we took dinner to a friend who just had a baby and while we were out we also left some happy notes on people's cars. The kids had so much fun sneaking over and trying to get them on the cars without people noticing!

Read to a someone

My son was a kindness rock star every night this week because he read a story to his 4-year-old sister. Nothing makes me happier than the two of them having fun together (not fighting) and reading.

Go support an athlete.

Last weekend we went and watched some of my students play rugby. Attending their games was a super simple act of kindness and was also a fun way for me and my oldest son to have some one on one time.

I love to just ask parents for sports schedules and then show up at games and surprise my students. They were pretty excited that I came.

If you counted them all up we actually had 13- oops! Too many good ones not to share! :) They were all seriously so fun and we'll have way more ideas for you at the end of next week!

Do you have any favorite ways to show kindness? We've love to hear about them in the comments. If you are participating in our 100 acts of kindness challenge come tell us about them on our Toddler Approved Facebook wall too.

If you need more kindness ideas, go and download Coffee Cups & Crayon's awesome FREE 100 acts of kindness printable!

If you want to get our simple kindness activities emailed to you daily you can even subscribe to our daily 100 Acts of Kindness newsletter.

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