Tuesday, December 16, 2014

5 Senses Christmas Sensory Play Activities for Kids

Over the past several weeks I have had so much fun participating in a Christmas sensory play series with my friends Christie, Kate, Ana, Cathy and Meri. Each week we've shared a different activity to engage our five senses.

Today I'm putting all of our activities into one big post so that you can have one stop shop for Christmas sensory play goodness here on Toddler Approved. 

I plan to go through and try a bunch of these with my kids when we are on our holiday break starting tomorrow. Just click on the links below to get full tutorials for each activity!

We have broken down the series so that each week we focused on one of our five senses.

Check out these activities focusing on our sense of sight...

Build a photo Christmas tree with me!

Play a printable Christmas charades game shared by Childhood 101

Make some printable Christmas glasses with Picklebums

Try out some Christmas optical illusions with Babble Dabble Do

Create your own DIY Santa binoculars with Meri Cherry

Make a Christmas tree craft and play a matching game with Nurturestore

Here are six activities focusing on our sense of hearing...

Enjoy some Christmas listening games along with Nurturestore

Do a sound obstacle course with Childhood 101.

Play a listen and draw game with Picklebums.

Make Christmas bell door hangings with Babble Dabble Do.

Create some candy cane noise makers with Meri Cherry.

Awesome ideas to engage your sense of touch...

Create a Christmas sensory board along with me!

Do some super sensory balloon printed wrapping paper making with Childhood 101.

Play with playdough and some printable Christmas play dough mats created by Picklebums.

Make embossed ornaments with Babble Dabble Do.

Create your own Washi tape Christmas trees with Meri Cherry.

Play with some Candy Cane Puffy Paint with Nurturestore

Here are some yummy activities to help focus on your sense of taste...

Build a snowman treat with me

Make peppermint cremes along with Nurturestore

Create some lovely stained glass cookies and milk with Childhood 101.

Bake some gingerbread muffins together with Picklebums.

Cozy up with Babble Dabble Do's Mexican hot chocolate.

Create and play with Meri Cherry's lickable wallpaper.

Get your sense of smell working with these five fun activities...

Make a candy cane sensory tub with Nurturestore

Create a gingerbread rice play land with Childhood 101.

Make a pine needle small world with Picklebums.

Play with a winter scent lab along with Babble Dabble Do.

Create some crazy Christmas cookies with Meri Cherry.

And later this week I'll have some fun holiday sensory paints to share with you! Do you see any activities on here that you want to try? Have you tried any of these yet?

You can find even more fun Christmas activities over on our Christmas Pinterest board!

Here are 10 of my favorite christmas activities for toddlers too!

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