Monday, November 17, 2014

Toddler Approved Healthy Holidays Challenge

We're kicking off our 2nd annual Healthy Holidays Challenge here on Toddler Approved. 

Lately I am feeling exhausted, lazy, and icky. In fact, I've felt that way for awhile. I stay up too late, I don't exercise enough, and I don't take very good care of myself. As a mom it is important that I take care of myself (for my own sanity)... and so that I am able to take care of my kids and husband too. 

Today I'm kicking off a Healthy Holidays challenge with some friends so that I can be healthy and happy this holiday season! I hope you'll join us! Scroll down to read more.

Recently I read this quote... 

"The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you're no longer willing to stay where you are."

That is what I am doing today.

Anyone else feel the same regarding how they treat themselves or take care of themselves?

What do you want to change?

When I exercise regularly, eat well, drink enough water, and get enough sleep, I am helpful, happy, and kind. When I don't... I get angry way too much... and write posts like this one about dealing with anger. I am also really unproductive and messy!

I don't like being angry, frustrated, unorganized, and tired. I also don't like feeling out of shape or unhealthy. During the holidays I often get so caught up in the busyness of things that I put myself last and wind up sick during what should be a happy and fun time for our family. My goal is to avoid that this year and really remember that #imatter. Does that ever happen to you too? I want to make sure I do something each day to help myself stay healthy and happy.  

Do you want to join our Healthy Holidays Challenge?

Here's what you need to do...

1. Pick a health goal for this week. (sleep more, workout 3 times, drink more water, etc.)

2. Post it somewhere online with a photo... if possible (this way you are accountable)... I am posting on Instragram (I'm Kristinatoddlerapproved). You can also just post your goal on our Toddler Approved Facebook page.

3. Add the hashtag #imatter and then go and find other people who are posting and cheer them on!!!

Our 5 week challenge kicks off today (November 17th) and goes until December 22nd! Try and make time for yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I hope you'll join me! It is so much more motivating to work together! 

Leave a comment here or on my instagram that you are joining in too and I'll check back in with you later in the week to see how things are going!! I want everyone to be successful!


  1. I so need this right now! I am trying to eat better. Day 2 and I am doing okay :)

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