Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Painted Corn Craft for Toddlers

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Corn is another favorite theme during the Fall and especially around Thanksgiving! We've played a Corn Roll Math game and made a Cap'n Crunch corn craft

Yesterday we took out our favorite painting tool for toddlers (do-a-dot markers) and made a simple corn craft and looked at pictures in a book about corn too!

Materials Needed:

To make...

All we did was dab paint all over our paper and let it dry!

Next I cut the paper into the shape of a corn and then my toddler glued on some husks (with some help from me) using pieces of brown paper.

If you make three cobs of corn you can link them together with some pipe cleaners to keep them all together.

Preschoolers can use scissors to cut out their own husks and glue them on while toddlers will need help with any cutting.

If you want to do day filled with corn activities, here are a few others that we like...

Button corn from All Kids Network

Handprint corn cob from Craftulate

Want to try some other Thanksgiving crafts? Check out our Simple Thanksgiving Activities & Crafts post.

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