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7 Favorite Ride-On Toys for Toddlers {Toddler Approved Holiday Gift Guide}

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My toddler (age 2) is in love with his "bikes" and every time we are outside he says, "ride bikes!" One of my favorite things to do when we have little ones over is bring all of our ride-on toys to our back deck and let the kids ride around and around. When it is too cold or rainy sometimes I will move our car out of the garage and let kids ride around in there too.

Ride-on toys are so much fun and are a great way for kids to develop gross motor skills and get some exercise too. Kids can also learn great turn taking skills as they problem solve with friends while they are riding around.

Today I am going to share several of our favorite ride-on toys and then I'd love you to tell me your favorites too. 

Our Toddler Approved Gift Guides are meant to be awesome resources for busy parents as they shop for their kids and friends. Please chime in and share your expertise too.

Here are some of our favorite ride-on toys and why...

1. Red PlasmaCar

This car is really easy for my toddler to manipulate because it doesn't have pedals that get in the way. He just scoots his legs along and uses his feet to push him. PlasmaCars do best on really flat surfaces like level concrete and asphalt along with hardwood floors. They don't work well on textured surfaces. Although my son has been using this since he was 15 months, he got especially good at using it when he was closer to age 2.

2. Step2 Push Around Buggy

This is my absolute favorite ride-on toy as a mom of 3 kids. My youngest happily sat in this buggy while I pushed him around and kept an eye on his older siblings. I love that the seatbelt works well and my toddler can't get out without my help. I also love the horn on the car. This buggy is easy to maneuver with one hand too. Now that my littlest is older he likes to sit in this by himself and use his legs to push himself around.

3. Little Tikes Handle Haulers Haul and Ride

This hauler has now made it through three of our kids. They have all LOVED it. The red part on the back can be flipped flat to be a wagon and then the handle becomes something you pull to help haul the stuff from the back of the truck. You can add batteries so that the car makes sounds. We stopped adding batteries awhile ago because my kids prefer to make their own sounds. This hauler is perfect for kids ages 1-3, although my almost 4 year old still loves it. This ride-on toy is also great for little ones that are learning to walk because they can push along from behind. 

4. Fisher Price Rock, Ride N Ride Trike Vehicle

This another daily favorite toy at our house. My 2 year old can't pedal yet, but he pushes himself around while he sits on the bike. This trike can be used in three different ways. One is where the bike is stuck to a stand and kids can rock on it, kind of like a rocking horse. Second you can attach a handle to the back of the bike and stear your child around while you drive him. Third is where you can just drive the bike.

5. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

This is probably the most fought after toy at our house when we have a playdate and the kids ride bikes. My kids love to open and close the door, climb through the doors and window, and stick things in the trunk. My kids love the music that some of the coupes play and the horns that honk. The only thing I don't like about this coupe is how easily it can tip over if it isn't on a very level surface. I think kids tip over in it when they are younger too since they aren't as good about getting their feet out of the car. If your child is under two I'd recommend staying close by when they are riding to make sure they don't tip over.

6. Playskool Step Start Walk 'N Ride

This is a really great push toy for kids who are learning to walk. It didn't go really fast and it has fun things to press and hit and twirl on the front too. This push toy also folds down to become a ride-on toy. It is very easy to move it from a push toy to a ride-on toy and I like how close to the ground it is because it makes it so easy for little tolders to get on it. The hood opens and closes and the different items on the walker make silly sounds that are fun. 

7. Chicco Sit 'N Ride Train

Although we don't have this train, we use it every time we go to a local children's play area. My son always finds one when we arrive and he doesn't really let it go until we have to leave. The seat is the perfect height for little ones and is easy to explore and play with.

Do you have any of these ride-on toys? See any others you want? Do you have any suggestions of other awesome ride-on toys for kids that you can share with me?

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  1. I'm getting my (soon to be) 10 month old a "Bunzi" for Christmas. :)

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  4. We have this radio flyer bumper car for my one year old We brought it to Christmas at my parents and all the grandkids ages 3-9 rode it pretty much the entire time. It's a perfect small size to be able to ride indoors and the wheels move very easily and in all directions that make it fun. It also makes crashing noises when the bumper is hit. Highly recommend this one.

  5. All of these toy cars are looking nice. I'm just confused now which toy I should get now, since in my house we don't have a lot of space, so I cannot take more than one toy right now.

  6. Thank you! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.

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