Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Yelling, Nagging, and Reminding!

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Hosting FREE Positive Parenting Webinars along with Amy McCready is probably one of my favorite things that I do as a blogger and parent. I am so excited to offer a FREE parenting webinar to our Toddler Approved readers in just a few days!

If you are tired of yelling at your kids, tired of constantly reminding them to do things, and just need some new parenting tools, this webinar is for you!

I have yelled at my kids before and get into power struggles with them from time to time. I think it is OK to yell at your kids if they are about to do something dangerous, but yelling at them because I am angry, frustrated, or don't know how to handle their behavior makes me really mad at myself and isn't effective at all in helping them behave better. 

Amy McCready from Positive Parenting Solutions has put together a very straightforward and helpful free webinar for parents who are looking to stop yelling, reminding, and nagging, and get strategies to help them deal with challenging kid behaviors. 

The most important info about this free webinar is that it is happening on Tuesday, October 21st at 1 PM (EST in the United States). The online webinar is LIVE and tends to fill up quickly, so RSVP NOW

When I share about Amy's Positive Parenting webinars with my friends I usually get a lot of questions. Today I'm going to answer a few of them for you AND tell you a few things I've learned from Amy too.

First off, I love this reminder that Amy passed along in a recent webinar...

"Misbehavior is just a signal that your child is asking for help."

She also reminded us right at the beginning of the training that...

"If your kids don’t get enough positive attention from you every single day they are going to get your attention through negative behavior. "

How does this webinar work?

Well, first make sure you have SIGNED UP! Space is limited, so don't wait till the last minute to sign up.

Next, make sure you check the time zone converter to make sure you know when the webinar is happening for you. I always write the webinar down on my calendar and set an alert 10 minutes before it starts so I don't forget about it too.

After that, make sure that the iPad, iPhone, computer or device that you are using to help you view the webinar is working and is compatible. Make sure your device has a speaker so that you can hear the information. Watch your email for a note from Amy explaining more technical things about logging in.

On the day of the webinar, sit back, relax, and log in early. I love to grab a diet coke and a bag of chocolate and cozy clothes. I'll be there to welcome you and we can chat in the online chat about your kids and parenting challenges. If you have kiddos running around, still join in. Catch what you can while you listen and deal with kiddos at the same time and then at the end of the session you'll receive a url to the video link so you can rewatch too. Your spouse can even watch it again with you!

Where do I watch the webinar?

Just in case you didn't catch this already... you don't need to go anywhere for this webinar. You just watch from your own home, or even on the go if you're not home but have computer, phone, or tablet access. No webcam is needed. You see Amy but she doesn't see you. You just need to have a speaker.

During the webinar you'll see and hear Amy on your screen and you can even type questions and she'll try and include them in her presentation. Parents RAVE about this session. I'm already making my list of questions and am excited to join in and get some tips for our crazy little family!

How long does the webinar last?

The webinar is 1 hour long.

Is this a FREE webinar?

YES! The webinar is free for any parents, caregivers, grandparents, counselors, etc. who feel that they need additional tools to help children learn and develop their behavior in positive ways. During the webinar Amy also shares about additional tools that she offers via her Online Positive Parenting Course, which is a paid course. I am an affiliate with Positive Parenting Solutions. Some links I share are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I receive a small commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support in this way!

Why not punishment? I think kids need to be punished if they are doing something wrong.

A lot of parents think that, but I don't and neither does Amy. Amy spends time during the webinar session answering this question and explaining why kids misbehave and how to get them so that they misbehave less often. She also explains when to use consequences. She shares the 5 R's of respectful consequences and how to implement them.

I can't make this session! When can you offer it when it works for me?

Amy is constantly adding new sessions. If the session this Tuesday, October 21st at 1 PM EST doesn't work for you, don't worry! You can attend a different session and still learn all of the cool tips she shares. During the session on Tuesday I will be joining in on the chat, so if you do join in, come chat with me!

Find additional Training Sessions here.

Have any additional questions? 

If so, post them in the comments on this blog post or over on Facebook and I'll try and answer them as best I can.

If you haven't yet and plan to, remember that the webinar is on Tuesday, October 21st at 1 PM (EST in the United States) and you can RSVP HERE.

Looking forward to "seeing" many of you on Tuesday!


  1. Do we recieve a cretificate at end of training

  2. May be our timings do not match to catch you on time so i am humbly asking you to put those points here. That would be more easy for the larger number of yourfollowers. Thanks

  3. Is there video of the webinar for those who missed it? :)

  4. Is there video of the webinar available? Would love to share the wealth of information! :)


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