Saturday, October 25, 2014

Easy Monster Craft for Toddlers

My kids love googly eyes, so I think monsters might be their favorite theme each Halloween. Our Toddler Approved Halloween Newsletter featured all things monster this past week, so this is an additional activity we tried. 

I am really tired lately (too many late nights) so I only do easy crafts and activities with the kids that require no prep. This monster craft was a piece of cake! Try it!

Materials needed: colored paper, scissors, glue, foam shapes (optional) and googly eyes (lots of them in different sizes). 

To make:

This activity is very open ended. I give each child a piece of paper (rectangular), glue, and some googly eyes. I also cut out arms and legs to add once they are done.

My kids just worked and added more things again and again until they felt that their creations were just right.

My youngest sure loved the googly eyes and sequins!

After we did eyeballs and other details then we added arms and legs. Once everything was in place we let the monsters dry.

Next we hung up our creations so that everyone could see them when they came into our house. My toddler liked getting his monster down again and again so that he could show it off.

Do your kids likes like monsters?

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