Sunday, October 26, 2014

Announcing our Playful Science & Math Activities E-Book for Kids

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I am SO EXCITED to share our new e-book with you! Here at Toddler Approved we always love finding simple and playful science and math activities for kids and this new book is filled with 40 activities for kids ages 3 to 8. Woohoo! 

Our Fizz, Pop, Bang: Playful Science and Math Activities e-Book launches TODAY (October 26th) and is filled with so many amazing ideas for kids!

This e-book is a collaborative project coordinated by my friend Cathy over at NurtureStore. This book is comprised of 40 projects put together by 19 of my fabulous kid blogger friends.

You can buy Fizz, Pop, Bang for a special launch price of only $7.99 (For two weeks only!!! Between October 26th- November 9th) and after that it will cost $9.99.

Click on the photo below to make a purchase.

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Here's a quick overview of what is included in the book...

The book is filled with 40 ideas for children aged 3 to 8 and includes 20 printable resources (including math and science graphing and recording sheets, magnet maze, monster match and sort game, print and build 3D solid blocks, rocket math game, tracing shapes, fact family dominoes, catch and count fish game, and engineering challenge cards). The book also contains additional links to over 80 more activities.

This Fiz, Pop, Bang video gives you a sneak peek of what is inside the book.

Fizz, Pop, Bang! is designed to bring hands-on fun and enjoyment to math and science.

Our e-book is packed with strong learning opportunities in math and science, shared through ideas that incorporate art, play, sensory learning and discovery, for a whole-brain approach.

A few more tidbits of information about Fizz, Pop, Bang!

The book is...

- suitable for school, homeschool, summer camps or fun weekend projects
- an amazing resource
- filled with inspiring ideas, but really practical with everything all in one place
- chock full of great photos, step-by-step guides, all things you can easily try at home

Frequently Asked Questions...

Can you send the book to me, I don't live in the US?

Of course! The book is an e-book, so it will be emailed to you! Then you can download it as a PDF file or read it in your favorite reading app on your device (phone, ipad, computer, etc.).

Can I pay with a different currency that US dollars?

Yes! When you purchase the e-book through paypal it will figure out the currency rates for you. 

I don't have a paypal account and don't want one. How can I buy the book?

Great question! Just click on pay with paypal and it will take you to the payment page. Once you are there you can select to use paypal, create a paypal account, or just pay with your credit card (and not set up a paypal account). Do that and you can easily buy the book without a paypal account. recommend you use a computer to download the book and then share it to your mobile devices.

Have any other questions? Just ask me in the comment section of this post. Struggling with something related to your download? Email me at toddlerapproved dot com.

Click on the Buy It Now button below to grab a copy of Fizz, Pop, Bang! for yourself (or your friend or your grandkids).

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Have so much fun doing playful math and science acticities with your kids!

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  1. Thank you! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.

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