Sunday, September 28, 2014

Come Join the Toddler Approved Positive Parenting Group

Hi! I hope you are having a great weekend. Today I am sharing a new resource with you that I hope will be useful. Each day I get tons of emails sent to my inbox asking questions about parenting and teaching kids. I have shared many of the questions on Facebook as part of our daily "Reader Questions" but there are many that are neglected because my Toddler Approved Facebook page is primarily used for sharing awesome crafts, activities, and occasional parenting resources.

I have created a new Facebook group for parents, caregivers, and educators called the Toddler Approved Positive Parenting Reader Question Zone.  

The Toddler Approved Positive Parenting Reader Question zone is a safe and respectful place where questions from parents and caregivers are shared daily and community members can chime in and share advice and tips.

I will share 3-4 reader questions in the group daily. Members can submit questions to be answered and then all group members can chime in and share resources and learn from one another.

The Toddler Approved Positive Parenting Reader Question zone advocates for positive and respectful parenting practices that don't cause shame or pain to children. Commenters are encourage to be respectful and helpful. Those who are mean, rude, or don't add to the conversation in positve ways will be removed from the group immediately.

Only those that will agree to comment respectfully and be kind and helpful may join the group. This is not a place for bashing of others or passing judgement on other parents either. I hope that this group will be a safe space where parents and caregivers can feel comfortable asking for help without fear of being criticized or shamed.

If you are interested in joining this positive and helpful group, click here.

I will continue to post occasional reader questions on the Toddler Approved Facebook page each evening, but the majority will be posted in our new Toddler Approved Positive Parenting Reader Question Zone

I hope you will join us!

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