Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tired of Yelling, Nagging, and Reminding? Get Your Kids to Listen Better Now!

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I'm not sure if it is just a summer slump or the late nights we've been having but lately we've had a lot more fighting going on at our house. I am also feeling like I am constantly reminding my kids to clean up, be more kind, and follow some of the more simple rules in our house.

I am ready to take back control of our schedule and re-adjust some things so that the last few weeks of our summer vacation can be positive... and I can avoid being a super grumpy and frustrated mom.

One way I'm going to get us back in gear is to join Amy McCready from Positive Parenting Solutions for her free 1 hour parenting webinar next Wednesday, August 13th at 1pm EST (USA). I'd love to invite you to join me too!

I hate yelling, but when I am feeling angry and frustrated I sometimes resort to doing it because it usually gets the kids moving quickly... and listening... at least the first one or two times. It doesn't however do anything to help change anything in our home in the long term. 

I love this quote that parenting expert Amy McCready shared not long ago in her webinar...

"If you don’t correct YOUR contribution to the behavior, you’re not going to be successful long term."

I am not a perfect parent and my goal is to become a recovering yeller (like Amy). I want to implement more of the awesome strategies I've learned from Positive Parenting Solutions to help me reach that goal. Although my kids can definitely be a handful, there are a lot of things I can be doing to make our home more peaceful, in addition to just listening better.

I am excited to partner with Amy again to offer a free 1 hour webinar for our Toddler Approved readers titled, "Get Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling."

You can join us to learn why kids act out and simple, positive discipline strategies to encourage your kids to listen and do the right thing. If you’re looking to reclaim your calm voice and restore some peace to your home, this webinar is for you!

If you're new to Toddler Approved and haven't heard about this free webinar before, here's how it works...

1. You click on this link to register for the free one hour webinar (which will be held on Wednesday, August 13th at 1pm EST (USA)). Sign up ASAP since space is limited. When we hosted two sessions in May we ran out of room!

2. Next you'll want to add the webinar to your calendar so that you don't forget about it!! (Remember to use the time zone converter when you sign up to see what time the training will be happening where you live!)

3. To join in, all you need is your computer or phone. (No webcam required.)

Watch for an email from Amy not long before the webinar with the link to join in. You can view the webinar from your computer or phone. If you use a phone there will be an app you'll need to download so watch for the info in your email.

During the webinar you'll see and hear Amy on your screen and you can even type questions and she'll try and include them in her presentation. Parents RAVE about this session. I'm already making my list of questions and am excited to join in and get some tips for our crazy little family! :)

My favorite part about Amy's webinar is that you get to relax and watch it in your own home. You could even wear your p.j.s :) There will even be a note-taking guide that you can print off so that you can keep track of all of the things that you learn!

During the webinar Amy will talk about...

  • why kids really misbehave
  • how your personality may actually fuel misbehavior
  • the 5 R’s of Fair & Effective Consequences so kids listen the first time you ask
  • training resources to reduce your parenting stress & stop nagging, reminding & yelling

This webinar gives you strategies to use with kids ages 2.5 on up. I wish I would've learned some of these tips BEFORE my kids hit the toddler stage and I actually had to start using them. I definitely recommend you come join us whether your kid is still a baby or is getting ready to go into kindergarten... or even older. The more you know NOW, the more prepared you'll be when your baby turns into a toddler or your elementary schooler turns into a teenager!

Viewing on mobile devices:

The easiest way to participate in the webinar is using a computer. Often the apps and phones have issues when trying to connect to the webinar and Positive Parenting Solutions is still working to get out all of the glitches.

If you plan to join in using your phone, the app we recommend for viewing the webinars on mobile devices is called “Puffin Web Browser Free.” There are other Puffin web browsers so it is important when searching the app stores to use the phrase above.

The app is “free” to download, however, during certain times of day, they charge 99 cents to use the part of the app needed for viewing (typically in the evening).

The app is available for Apple devices as well as Android devices and Kindles. The links below will take you directly to the app. You can download the app to your device now for free.

iTunes app
Google Play app

If you have any other questions about participating in the webinar definitely leave a comment on this post so that I can answer them! Can't wait to "see" you next Wednesday!


About Amy McCready

Parenting expert Amy McCready is the Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and a "recovering yeller." She is a champion of positive parenting techniques for happier families and well-behaved kids. Amy reaches a worldwide audience with her Positive Parenting Solutions Online course and is a frequent guest on the TODAY Show and has also appeared on Rachael Ray, CNN, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, and elsewhere. You can find Amy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +

In her most important role, she is mom to two teenage boys. 

Disclosure: Toddler Approved is a Positive Parenting Solutions affiliate and a user of Amy's Positive Parenting Solutions Course.   


  1. Will this webinar be recorded and able to be viewed afterwards? I have an appointment and am unable to make the live session.

    1. Hi! The webinar is only offered live. We will offer more sessions in the future.

  2. How long is the webinar? Tks, Elle


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