Thursday, August 7, 2014

Simple Toddler Play

I don't know how your summers have gone, but mine has been wonderful and thoroughly unproductive... at least the past few weeks.

Today I have a little apology for you... and then I have a super simple new series to share with you, so I am excited and apologetic at the same time! Scroll down for more details!

First off... I have teeny tiny apology...

Lately all I feel like doing is lounging and watching my kids play... or hanging out in the pool... or lounging while my kids play in our baby pool. Notice a trend? I'm feeling LAZY! I've done a few activities with my kids, but mostly we've hung out and just played with toys or gone to parks. I am not motivated to do anything special... so I am SO sorry that we haven't finished our summer schedule that I shared a few weeks ago. We will fit our Pet Week in soon... but it will be a few weeks late. My kids are just as bummed as you are. Hope you'll forgive me. I really should know myself well enough now to know that planning more than 3-weeks in advance makes me a little crazy... and I start itching to rebel against my self-inflicted schedule.

If you missed our other Camp Mom summer series though... here they are:

Lego Week
Ocean Week
Zoo Week
Bug Week

Looking at these posts I feel a little bit LESS lazy now actually. We have done some cool things this summer. Did you try any of them?

To change things up a bit and simplify while also forcing myself to be a little bit more creative (and less lazy) with my toddler...

I am kicking off a new series today. It is called Simple Toddler Play and it will be hosted over on Instagram.

Do you follow me over there yet? I'm kristinatoddlerapproved.

My goal for this Simple Toddler Play series is to spotlight super simple toddler activities that I am doing with my toddler (he is currently 21 months old). Some will be ideas from my favorite toddler bloggers and some will be activities we come up with on our own.

I am going to post at least one activity a day over on Instagram.

If you want to participate in this series (or just lurk and check out all of the ideas), here's what I'd like you to do...

1. Try out the same activity I do and post a photo on Instagram (and tag me so I can see it)

2. OR do your own super simple toddler activity and tag me in it when you post (I'm @kristinatoddlerapproved)

3.  Make sure to label any photos you post on Instagram with the hashtag #simpletoddlerplay so that EVERYONE following along can check out your activity too. If you are private, then we won't be able to check them out... so maybe post your pics on Facebook instead?

If you're not on Instagram, don't worry! You can still share photos or tell us your ideas. Just add them to the comments here or pop over and share any photos on our Toddler Approved Facebook Wall.

Make sure you pop over to my Instagram account later today and check out what we're up to. Look for the #simpletoddlerplay hashtag since I share other random things on there too!

Are you on Instagram? What sort of stuff do you like to post about on there? 

My favorite things to post are photos of treats... and pictures of my three little kids... I tend to call them #thethreecrazies :)

Can't wait to see all of the fun and creative things you all come up with!

Here are some Simple Toddler Play ideas we've already shared...

Simple Toddler Halloween ideas
15+ Simple Toddler Activities
10 Quick & Easy Toddler Activities

Need some other toddler ideas? Did you know I have an e-book?

Zero to Two: The Book of Play (my e-book) is full of fun activities for babies and toddlers. Many of these activities provide great opportunities for speech and language development. Download your copy here!


  1. Can you please post the activities on Facebook too? Not everyone has an Instagram account (or wants one). Thanks!!

    1. Thanks for your note Anonymous. I have posted most of the ones we have done on the blog, they are all labeled "simple toddler play" - We post far too many to post them all on FB unfortunately, but I occasionally do round ups on the blog as well. You actually don't have to have an instagram account to see the activities or "follow" me, you can just click on this link and scroll through the photos-


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