Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bumble Bee Craft for Kids

We've had loads of fun with Bug Week over the past little bit and today I am excited to share a simple bee craft that we created using a pool noodle!

My kids are a bit in love with bees because they are a little bit scary and also look kind of cool. Earlier this summer my son got stung by a bee at our swimming pool and despite how traumatic that was, he and my other kids are constantly looking for bees around our yard. 

We only made one bee craft and now we need to create several more because the kids are constantly arguing over who gets to carry this bee around the house. This craft was one that my older kids were able to help with while my toddler watched. It took only a few minutes to make and then the toddler loved flying it around and using it for pretend play.

Materials Needed:

  • yellow pool noodle
  • knife
  • black sharpie
  • black felt
  • white felt
  • glue gun or tacky glue (that sticks to felt)
  • googly eyes
  • yarn

How we made our bee craft:

To start off we just cut the yellow pool noodle into several pieces. Then once it was cut we drew lines around it using a sharpie.

After that we cut out wings from white felt (I used the more stiff felt for this) and we glued the wings to the top of the pool noodle. 

Next we cut out a round circle of black felt (for the bee's face) and we stuck it on one end of the pool noodle with glue. Then we cut out a little triangle piece of felt and glued it to the other end of the pool noodle to be the "stinger."

Lastly we added googly eyes and a yarn mouth for the bee just to make it a little bit goofy.

My toddler wanted to introduce the bee to his friends outside, so he stood at the back door for awhile flying his new bee around and trying to spot actual bees too.

Since we loved this simple bee craft so much I started investigating other easy bee crafts and found a few I thought I would share with you!

Yarn Wrapped Bee Craft from Housing a Forest

Fingerprint Bees from Crafty Morning

Bumble Bee painting from And Next Comes L

Do you have any other favorite bug themed crafts or activities or books you could share with us? Head on over to our Bug Week landing page to see the other activities as we share them this week.

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