Monday, July 21, 2014

Bug Week {Playful Learning Activities for Kids}

This week we are hosting Bug Week! We will be featuring five days of playful learning activities for kids ages 1-6. If you enjoy themed weeks, make sure to check out Ocean Week and Zoo Week which we hosted earlier this summer.

My kids are a bit bug obsessed, so we've actually hosted bug week and bug camp before on Toddler Approved. This week I am excited to share some of the ideas my kids helped me come up with to learn a little bit more about their favorite bugs.

You can find even more bug crafts and activities on my Bug crafts and activities pinterest board. I'll be adding to it all week long.

Each day this week (starting on Tuesday) we will be sharing a bug themed activity along with a few other favorite bug activities from other blogging friends.

I just got back from a wonderfully relaxing vacation with my husband (no kids)... so re-entry to motherhood and unpacking has put us a little bit behind this week! Usually our themed weeks start on Monday, but this week will be a little bit off schedule. I hope you will join us now or pin our activities and save them for later!

Make sure you pop over to our Toddler Approved Facebook page and "LIKE" it (if you haven't already) so that you don't miss any of the posts I share from others. You may also want to bookmark or pin this page since I will be updating it daily with links to our newest bug themed posts.

Here are a few of our favorite bug themed activities that we've shared on Toddler Approved so far...

Alphabet Bug Spray

Name Bugs

Quiet Cricket Olympics

Name Bugs

Each day I will update this post to add the new Bug Week activities. That way you can find them all in one spot! Make sure to pin this page so that you can find them again.


Also, if you're someone that likes to plan ahead, here is our Summer theme schedule for July as of right now! I try and base our summer themes on things that my kids are interested in right now. Hopefully some of your kids will enjoy these themes too.

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  1. Did you do a pet theme?? Did I miss this post??

    1. You did not miss it Anonymous! I am behind schedule from vacations and haven't posted it yet.


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