Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sensory Play with LEGO Bricks

This week we are playing with LEGO bricks all week long for LEGO WEEK!

Since my kids love sensory activities we decided to try one out using our LEGO bricks. We did a simple colored shaving cream sensory tub with a little LEGO twist.

Materials Needed: shaving cream, food coloring ( a few drops or liquid watercolor), 2 large tubs, water, LEGO DUPLO or regular LEGO, dish scrubber or sponge, and plastic gloves (optional)

You can really adapt this activity however you'd like, but we decided to create a more traditional colored shaving cream sensory experience... WITH LEGO!

We started off by squeezing tons of shaving cream into a giant tub! Then we added in our favorite LEGO DUPLO bricks and characters.

Next we squirted some food coloring into the tub and we grabbed our gloves so that hands didn't get too colorful! You could also use craft sticks or another tool to mix the colors if you don't want to use gloves (and you care about keeping the food coloring off your kids).

Once the colors were mixed, my kids (ages 6 and 3) just had fun exploring the shaving cream, burying the LEGO bricks and figures, and just touching and squishing everything. My daughter is really into sensory activities so this was like her dream come true... my son, not so much... but he still had fun.

After a little while all of the LEGO bricks were hidden in the shaving cream so the kids started playing a GUESSING GAME!

They'd hunt for a LEGO piece and then try and guess what it was (based on what they'd put in there). After they guessed, they'd use a scrubber brush and bucket of water to clean the piece and see what it actually was. We also used little medicine droppers to spray water at the LEGO bricks to clean them too.

It was so adorable to watch my kids excitedly discover that they were right!! Often they could guess based on the shape and texture, but sometimes objects were covered with so much shaving cream that it was hard to tell!

Halfway through this activity as it got messier and messier we moved it from our kitchen table to the backyard... that way we could quickly use a hose to fill up buckets instead of carrying them to sinks.

As you can probably tell, this was not a clean activity.

This activity is ONLY for kids that won't put shaving cream in their mouth or eyes... or try and drink the murky water.

My 20 month old was bummed that he couldn't do this sensory activity with us since he likes to eat everything, so I filled him up a bucket of bubbles with some LEGO bricks and wire whisks and he was totally happy just splashing away. In fact, after a little bit my 3-year-old daughter got jealous and wanted to go do what the baby was doing.

Please excuse the baby just being in a diaper! He got himself soaked!! Btw, if your baby is going to try and eat bubbles, just use plain water instead.

After all our fun sensory play our activity just turned into a giant water party!! We cleaned out the big tub of shaving cream once all the LEGO bricks were found and filled it up with water and the kids splashed and got themselves sparkling clean. 

What a fun activity!

If your kids like sensory activities (and LEGO) they may want to try one of these other cool sensory activities using LEGO bricks...

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