Monday, June 30, 2014

Clown Fish PaddlePak and Craft for Kids {+ Giveaway}

This post is sponsored by Trunki US

We are so excited that Trunki has arrived in America with its PaddlePak, the backpack for little explorers!! We had a great time playing, creating, and exploring with our PaddlePak!

Today we want to tell you a little bit about the PaddlePak, share a simple clown fish craft we made to go along with our clown fish PaddlePak, and announce our PaddlePak giveaway! Make sure you scroll down to enter the giveaway.

PaddlePak is a water-resistant backpack for kids ages 2+. We thought it was so awesome that Trunki invited us to choose one to try out!! We had the hardest time deciding which one to pick, but we finally decided to go with a clown fish backpack since we love the clown fish in Finding Nemo! 

The PaddlePak is lightweight and durable (perfect for my kids who destroy things) and since it is water-resistant that means that it prevents damp items from leaking through the bag... and wet items from soaking into the bag!

The PaddlePak includes...

  • Break away safety buckle
  • Reflective strips
  • Dry zip pocket
  • Trunki Grip for sunglasses
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Hanging loop
  • Accessories loop
  • Roll top closure 
  • Padded mesh back

Here are a few other things that we like about the PaddlePak...

  • My favorite thing about the clown fish PaddlePak (named Chuckles) and the other Paddlepaks is that they are all so bright and colorful! This is especially helpful when taking kids to the pool and park since the Paddlepak makes kids easy to spot!

  • I love that the cute design and fins don't get in the way of the function of the bag. The bag is simple and easy to use. 

  • The PaddlePak is large enough to fit a swim suit, towel, and a few other little items... perfect for a trip to the pool or beach! The shark and whale PaddlePaks are a little larger and can fit more stuff. My daughter loved stuffing all of her prize possessions into her PaddlePak to just carry around the house too.

  • Right now there are nine different PaddlePaks that kids can choose from and they are all adorable! If we hadn't picked the clown fish I would've wanted the octopus named Inky. In fact... I think we might need to buy two more since both of my other kids want one. The kids look SO CUTE wearing them too!

The only thing we struggled with was using the roll top closure properly. My daughter liked doing it different than shown and it still worked, but wasn't as sparkly or cute.

While we were playing with our clown fish PaddlePak a few weeks ago we were inspired to make a clown fish craft!

This craft was super easy and didn't require very many instructions! Here's how we made them!

Materials Needed: 

  • copy of this clown fish template printed on white cardstock 
  • googly eyes 
  • painters tape
  • orange paint
  • sponge (for painting)... or you can just use do-a-dot markers like we did


To get started with this craft we looked at photos of clownfish on the internet and talked about them. We learned that they have orange and black stripes and orange fins.

Next I laid out the clown fish printable, tape, sponges, and paint and let the kids start experimenting. I showed the kids how to put the painters tape down, paint over it, and then remove it. We pulled the tape off pretty soon after we painted the fish so that the tape wouldn't get too stuck to the paper. When you remove the tape pull it off very carefully so that it doesn't rip the paper. If kids saturate the paper too much with paint then it will cause tearing.

Two of my kids made orange and white clown fish and one made a purple one! This activity can be done with any color and the kids can put the tape wherever they want. There is no wrong way to do it!

After the kids painted stripes on the clown fish, we let the fish dry and then we added googly eyes.

Once the googly eyes were added to the clown fish, then we set it aside to dry!

Once it was dry we made our clown fish "swim" around the house and then we hung it up on the wall so that we could see it!


We LOVE our PaddlePak so today I am really excited to give away a PaddlePak to one of our awesome Toddler Approved readers!

Our PaddlePak winner can choose which one they want from the nine PaddlePaks that are offered. (This giveaway is for US residents only).

You can see more about the PaddlePak in this video below...

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Stop by tomorrow for another fun ocean themed craft or activity as part of our Ocean Week this week!!

This post is sponsored by Trunki US. All opinions are mine.


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