Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Preschool Math: Kite Number Roll Game

We love spring crafts and activities, especially ones relates to eggs, kites, and flowers. We also love number activities!

This week we decided to make some paper kites and let them "fly" around while we played a simple kite number roll math game.

Our simple kite game helped us practice counting and reading numbers on dice. We even chatted a little bit about colors and patterns too. 

Here's what we needed: dice, colored cardstock, a pencil, scissors, ribbon, tape

Prep Ahead: Ahead of time I cut out about 6 kites from colored cardstock. If you want to use a set of dice instead of just one, make 12 kites. These were super easy to cut. I cut two at a time.

After I cut out the kites, I added a piece of ribbon to the back of each kite using tape. Lastly, I stuck some rolls of painters tape on the backs of the kites so that they were easy for my daughter to stick onto the wall, and take off, and stick back on, when we were playing our game.

To play the game all we did was lay out the kites on the floor in front of us (tape side up) and whatever number we rolled, that was the number of kites we stuck to the wall.

We took turns rolling until all we'd added all of the kites to the wall, then we tore them down and played again.

We liked holding onto the kites and making them fly around the room before they got stuck to the wall because that made this activity just a bit more fun.

My daughter worked on counting the numbers on the die to figure out how many kites to stick up on the wall.

Then once the kites were up on the wall she counted them again to double check that the number she put up, matched the number on the die.

Then it was my turn to roll, stick, and count.

This activity could easily be adapted for older kids by adding another die and having the child practice addition or subtraction with kites!

I love preschool math activities that are easy to prep and quick to play. I also love it when they get kids moving while learning too. "Flying"the kites (ie. running while holding onto the kites) was a simple but fun way to sneak some movement into this activity too. 

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  1. Awesome idea! I love that you made this into such a fun game and interaction between you and your daughter. I know my preschooler would LOVE playing this, too.

  2. These are the amazing ways to help and guide the kids in their own way and allow them to learn maths with the idea of kites and the die. record-making games are the best for the kids that helps them to be perfect in their competition and to get the best ideas.


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