Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Planning for Summer Fun with Kids

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Have you started planning for summer fun with your kids yet?

I am the sort of mom who always feels a little bit behind on everything and then I get frustrated because I miss out on opportunities. This year my son almost missed getting to play Spring t-ball (something he'd talked about for months) because I didn't realize that sign ups were in the winter!

This summer I want to make sure that we all have fun and my kids get to have a say in what activities we do. 

Now that my oldest two are 6 and 3, they actually have an opinion. They usually come up with pretty cool ideas, but sometimes I actually need to plan ahead... which is why we are getting started now!

Here are four of the things I am trying to plan for right now...

1. Cool Science Activities

We are science obsessed right now!! A few weeks ago we made these cool rainbow bubble snakes from Housing a Forest and now we have a running list of other ideas we want to try.

I think we are going to do at least a few each week this summer from our Cool Science Ideas Pinterest board

Here are a few that are on our list at the moment...

Pop Rocks Candy Science from Steve Spangler
Volcano Color Explosions from Familylicious
Homemade Bouncy Balls from My Frugal Adventures

I love scanning Pinterest for science ideas with my kids. They are really good at helping me fill my boards!

2. Summer Camp!

Each summer I sign my kids up for a week or two at summer camp close by our house! 

Last year my son attended Camp Galileo. It is seriously the coolest camp ever. He's going again this year and can't wait!

If you live in the San Francisco Bay area and have kids in kindergarten on up... you MUST check it out. You can read my whole post about the fun my son had at Space Odyssey themed Camp Galileo last year. The camp combines art, science, and outdoor activities around weekly themes. It was the highlight of our summer.

If you don't have a Camp Galileo near you, do you have something similar? What sort of camps do you sign your kids up for? How far in advance do you have to plan for them to attend?

3. Virtual Book Club

One thing that we don't like to forget during the summer is READING! Each year we participate in the Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp

I host our Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp along with Rainy Day Mum and The Educators' Spin On It. It is a themed based summer book club camp where we share awesome ideas to get kids and parents connecting with books all summer long. 

Right now we are finalizing plans for this summer and I can't wait to share more about it with you soon! Stay tuned!


4. Outdoor Activities That Get Us Moving & Learning

We are outdoor people. My kids love to be outside playing all day long. I love them to be moving a lot because that typically means less bedtime battles and kids that actually sleep through the night! Move & learn activities are my favorite types of activities to create! 

Most of our outdoor activities during the summer involve water, pool noodles, and chalk. We also love to go on day trips to local children's museums, reservoirs, zoos, or other cool attractions. Right now I am trying to stock up on supplies for outdoor fun so that we are prepared!

I'm also collecting Summer Outdoor Activities over on Pinterest if you want to take a peak. Here are a few of the ideas I am most excited about...

Making Ice Chalk from Reading Confetti
Creating a DIY Bubble Station like La La's Home Daycare
Doing ABC Fizzy Eruptions from Learn Play Imagine

How does your family spend the summer? Do your kids go to camp? What are your favorite outdoor activities to do together during the summer? What are you planning for right now?

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  1. I'm looking into sending Ben to Camp Galileo. Which one is Andrew attending?

    1. Julie he wants to do the Down Under one... Pacific Islands themed. I still need to figure out which session. Their camps are awesome! Ben will love it

  2. I can't wait to hear more about the Virtual Book Club! I'm in for sure. :)

  3. We so take for granted that children can learn a language with ease and we completely forgot that the process of moving to a new language can be very disruptive to them.

    knowledge for kids

  4. Where is that park pictured in #4...my boys would love that!


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