Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cool Science: Spring Salt Painting

We have seen salt painting all over the place for awhile and have been wanting to try it. This week we are doing Easter crafts and activities every day while my kids are on spring break so it finally made our "to do" list. 

We broke out our liquid watercolors, glue, and salt yesterday and did some spring themed salt painting! 

If you aren't familiar with salt painting, it is seriously so easy! All you need are a few basically supplies. We originally saw salt painting over at Happy Hooligans and One Perfect Day so head on over there for more specific instructions and tips!

Salt painting can be for a variety of ages if you just adapt it a bit. I did this activity with my preschooler and kindergartener. 

We decided to make spring themed salt paintings so my kids drew eggs and flowers. I had to join in too and made my own alongside of the kids.

I had way too much fun taking photos of this process since it was beautiful!

We used medicine droppers and paintbrushes as we created. The medicine droppers required a lot more control (so that kids didn't squirt out tons of paint and flood the page).

It was a great fine motor control activity to only squirt little drops of liquid watercolor onto the salt/glue image. 

When they did flood the page with too much paint we easily sucked some of it back up by using the edge of a paper towel. That was like magic to watch too.

It was fun to see the different creations my kids came up with for our spring theme! I think my 3-year-old wanted to squeeze the entire bottle of glue onto her page! We'll see if that ever dries!

Using the paintbrush was a bit easier but didn't get as much vibrant color onto the paintings.

Once we were done adding the colors, we just admired our creations and talked about them.

Science activities are so great for toddlers and preschoolers because they allow for so many great conversations and observations!

We shared several other awesome science activities over at Playing with Words 365 and even talked about how they promote language and communication. Go and check it out!

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