Thursday, April 3, 2014

18 Ways to Play with Numbers

Our family loves numbers. My 6-year-old son is constantly wanting to do number activities and I think his love for counting and numbers stems from all of the fun ways we've played with numbers since he was little.

Today I am sharing 18 simple ways that you can play with numbers with your kids- counting, recognizing numbers, matching numbers, and even doing a few simple addition activities.

Most of the number activities shared in this post are for 2 and 3 year olds, though many can be adapted for older kids. 

From an early age we explore and play with numbers as a family while we bake, play games, read stories, run around outside, and play with toys. We also create simple activities that get us exploring numbers while having fun together.

Here are 18 of our favorite ways to play with numbers...

Number Bug Sticky Wall
Number Crawling Game for Kids
Strawberry Seed Pick Up Game

Pool Number Hunt
Rain Drop Math
Counting Cupcakes with Play-doh

M&M School Bus Math
Counting & Crushing Cars
Cool Candy Egg Math

Homemade Elevator
Pipe Cleaner Pick Up Sticks Game
Number Hockey

Counting Dino Plates
Indoor Counting Croquet
Lily Pad Hop

Cracked Egg Number Puzzles
Number Walk
Number Target Practice

You can find more of our favorite ways to learn & play with numbers over on our Move and Learn Pinterest board

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  1. Hello

    I own a 0-4 year old early learning center and have 5 kiddies of my own. I really love your page. Thank you so much for all you do and the inspiration you are to all of us. I pop by every day and we do a lot of you activities. It has been a blessing to have toddler approved as part of our world here in Somerset West, South Africa. All smiles


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