Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rainbow Name Hunt

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I love incorporating name activities into my little preschool class. Names are really important to kids and are a great thing to start with when you are introducing the alphabet to your little ones.

For our Planting a Rainbow themed preschool class this week we talked about the colors of the rainbow and built our own name rainbows too... after going on a Rainbow Name Hunt!

Materials Needed: strips of colored paper (one set of colored strips for each kid), double-sided tape, large white paper cloud, markers

Prep Ahead: Ahead of time I cut out the strips of paper and wrote the kid's names on several strips and on their cloud for them. Older kids could cut their own strips.

To Play:

To do our Name Hunt I hid strips of colored paper (with names on them) all over our downstairs.

Then I gave each child a cloud with their name on it and we talked about each name and the first letter of the names.

Then I told the kids to hunt around and find any strips of paper with their name on it and put the strips on top of their cloud. 

Once each child had collected a set of rainbow name strips we looked at them and double-checked that each strip matched the name on the cloud.

Then we talked about ROYGBIV briefly and watched ROY G BIV by They Might Be Giants.


After that we stuck double-sided tape on the back of the clouds and we worked together to order the colored strips and stick them onto the clouds one at a time.

After all of the rainbows were finished the kids had fun twirling while holding their clouds. They were really excited to take them home and share their rainbows with their moms!

Do you have any other favorite rainbow activities we could try?

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Name Activities

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