Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Playdough Hide and Seek

Just in case you were wondering... playdough hide and seek is NOT a game where you hide playdough around your house.

Earlier this week I was working on a craft project for a church event and my kids (ages 6 and 3) all were happily entertaining themselves with playdough (except the 16 month old... who just runs around). 

When I looked over I discovered that they had made up a game that was keeping them really engaged... they called the game Playdough Hide and Seek!

Materials Needed: For playdough hide and seek all you need is a ball of playdough and a few little small plastic toys. The simpler and smaller the toys, the better it will be. We used small plastic animals and dinosaurs.

The Imagination Tree has loads of playdough recipes you can try or you can just buy playdough... like I usually do. 

Here's how you play:

One player closes their eyes for a few seconds while the other player sticks a small toy inside the playdough and tries to hide it!

Next the ball is passed to the player whose eyes were closed and they get to open their eyes and use their fingers (or any tools they want) to hunt and find the small toy!

Then jobs are swapped and the seeker becomes and hider and the hider becomes the seeker.

It seems like the simplest idea... but my kids had so much fun playing this playdough hide and seek game!

You can make it even harder by putting several items in the playdough so that the seeker has to find all of the toys and say their names or count how many toys they find, etc.

I'll bet if you introduced the idea to your kids they would come up with several other fun ways to play this game that are completely different than ours! Kids are so creative!

Do you have any other favorite playdough games?

Here are a few of the playdough activities we've tried...

How else do you play and create with playdough?


  1. Looks like fun. I was trying to think of activities for some upcoming play dates with my son's friends and this playdough hide and seek game sounds like a winner. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this idea and recently tried it with a little ball of playdough we have around the house. Since my tot (a 19 mother) still puts small toys in her mouth, I hid a duplo block in the playdough and she seemed to enjoy finding it. Then, the game evolved into her making footprints, toe prints and fingerprints in the dough. Thanks for the inspiration!


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