Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fun with Colors: Bunny Movement Game

My preschooler is learning her colors and we've been having fun practicing some gross motor skills too.

This week we decided to combine both motor skills & colors to create a colorful Bunny Movement Game {with a free printable}. 

My kids love to move & learn together. This bunny movement game got us hopping and skipping while also also talking about colors.

Materials Needed:

Painters tape
Scotch tape

Prep Ahead:

  • Print out two copies of the bunny movement cards (either blank or with actions) so that you have two of each color
  • Tape the cards to your floor (you may want to laminate them first)
  • Print out the dice template and build the dice using scissors & tape.


How to play:

Hopping Version:

Before we could get started my daughter had to grab her stuffed bunny to play with us.

Then we took the colored die and the first person rolled it. Once the color was rolled, the player hopped over to grab the die that was on the floor and then hopped to the color movement card he/she rolled. 

The first player then threw the die to the next player and they rolled it to see what number they got to hop to.

In this first easy version we just hopped around as we rolled the colors. It was surprisingly fun, though simple. I got a good hopping workout. 

Action Cards Version:

Next we created action cards to use as we played along! (you can download them here)

Instead of just hopping from color card to color card, we rolled the dice and went to the matching color card. Then we READ what the action card said and we had to do that action before the next person's roll.

We started off by only doing actions that a bunny would do (eating carrots, hopping, flopping his ears), but then we branched out to practice some other basic gross motor skills preschoolers are learning (dancing, balancing, standing on one foot, hopping, jumping, running, gliding, tiptoeing, galloping, skipping, etc).

This was such a fun & active way to practice our colors while also continuing to develop some of our preschool motor skills.

Adaption: You could easily adapt these for older kids by adding some sight words or number sentences to the cards. When they land on the card, have them read the word or do the math problem. Then roll again!

If you don't like my action cards, grab a pen and the blank bunny cards and make your own. I'll bet you and your kiddos can brainstorm some fun ideas!

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  1. Played this today with my three-year-old son. We play different rounds and he helps suggest what we could do as an action for each (put on music and dance for 1 minute, go through a tunnel, throw a ball in a bucket, go up and down the stairs). Thanks for the idea!

  2. What a cute game!! Love how you combined so many skills with one activity - a perfect way to get kids moving while they learn! :)


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