Saturday, February 1, 2014

Small Business Sharing Saturday

We are kicking off our first Small Business Sharing Saturday today!

Each year there is a super cool day called Small Business Saturday where small businesses get a lot of attention. 

I keep finding out about more and more small businesses run by friends or by Toddler Approved readers so I thought it would be fun to host a special small business sharing day each week so that small businesses with smaller advertising budgets could come pop by my Toddler Approved Facebook page and give themselves a little shout out.

We'll pretend that it's kind of like a virtual street fair and then we can all pop over and check out the shops and websites and see if there is anything super cool that we like and want more info about. Everything needs to relate to kids- toys, kids books, kids clothes, kids games, kids apps, etc. If you have a question about whether or not your product is appropriate leave a comment or message me at toddlerapproved at gmail dot com.

Starting this Saturday, February 1st, come drop by my Toddler Approved Facebook page anytime during the day and share about your small business if you own one.

Here are a few rules:

1. Only share about a shop/product that you OWN (don't share your sister's friend's shop that you love). 

2. Include a url/link back to your shop/product and maybe a brief explanation about what you sell.

3. Make sure that the shop or product you are sharing about is for kids- kids clothes, toys, books, apps, e-books, etc. If it is not, it will get deleted.

4. Please only post links to your small business on Saturdays on my FB page. You are always welcome to private message me or email me if you want to talk about partnerships or tell me about a cool product you think I might like.  

5. Optional: Link an image with your shop url when you post on my FB wall. A photo of your favorite product from your store is a great way to show it off.

6. Please only share one link one time each week.

7. Don't just link and leave. Check out some of the other products/shops featured, click "like" on the ones you like, and make sure you've "Liked" our Toddler Approved FB page.

Once each month I will be doing a special Small Business Sharing Saturday post here on my blog featuring a few new shops/products. 

If you'd like your shop/product to be featured you are welcome to email me at toddlerapproved at gmail dot com and I can share our special discounted sponsored post pricing with you that we will only offer for Small Business Sharing Saturday. 

I hope this will be a fun way for some of us to connect with some super cool small business owners and find things we love that we can't necessarily buy at our local Target. I also hope that this sharing day with help some of our awesome Toddler Approved readers who are also small business owners connect with new customers.

Can't wait to check out what is shared!

To kick off this week here are three new-to-me businesses that I've been introduced to recently that I think are super cute... go check them out.

Jessica Hipp Designs

Hand crafted children's toys to develop and promote pretend play and early toddler learning skills.


A shop dedicated to dressing little girls in something almost as cute as they are.

Let's Potty!

Let's Potty! The Potty Training Board Game That Brings the Party to the Potty!

Disclosure: Let's Potty! sent us their board game for free to try out. We enjoyed it which is why we decided to share it with you! This photo above is my daughter when the game arrived.

Alright, so will you be joining us for our Small Business Sharing Day over on our Toddler Approved Facebook Page?

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