Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heart Color Walk- A Game for Kids

Today I just wanted to share a super simple game with you... just in case you're looking for a last minute idea for a Valentine's Day party or preschool class activity... or you just want a fun way to practice colors. 

I came up with an easy Heart Color Walk game that helps kids practice learning their colors while moving around and having fun.


To play all you need is some packing tape (or painters tape), cardstock, music, and my free heart walk pdf files (scroll down), and a set of small heart color cards

To start I printed off 10 cards (with 10 different colors) and then I taped the cards onto the floor in a big circle (kind of like in my ghost footprint game). If you have more kids, print off two of each color.

To Play:

Turn on music and have the kids walk around and around the circle. When you stop the music they have to freeze on the heart they are standing on! 

Then pick up a small heart color card from the pile and show it to the kids (or just call out a color name). Whoever is standing on a heart that color gets to pick a prize or a treat from the bowl.

Once one child wins a prize, start the music again and have kids walk until the music stops again. Keep repeating and repeating the game until everyone gets a prize. You can guarantee everyone gets a prize by keeping an eye on who wins and making sure to vary which color hearts you pick each time.

Today when we played our music wasn't working, so I had the kids skip and run around the room and then I would call freeze and they had to run to a heart and freeze. They loved it and they got a lot of energy out at the same time too.

You can download my free heart files below. I have them available by color. At some point I'll put them all together into an easy to download pdf file.

This game is totally like a cake walk... but without the sugar coma and mess that comes from giving kids cake or cupcakes.

Candy or prize walks like this are super simple and always popular at my parties. Since the game keeps all kids involved and it isn't an elimination game, it works much better for little ones who tend to get their feelings hurt if they get "OUT." 

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