Friday, February 28, 2014

Color Matching Car Race for Kids

This week as part of our Move & Learn series we are sharing a color matching game that we played with cars!!

We love car themed activities... especially when they get us moving! The best part of this activity was that it was one my 3-year-old and 16-month-old could work together to do. Read the details below to see what we did and how each child participated.

Materials needed: matchbox cars, colored paper, painters tape or packing tape, and a container/bucket 

To get started you want to tape colored paper around your house... we did it in a few rooms based on the colors of our matchbox cars. You want to make sure that there is one paper that matches each matchbox car color.

Here's how you do the color matching car race...

Start by collecting all of your matchbox cars and place them into a container. We just used a tupperware. My 16 month old thought this part was so fun.

Next, dump out the matchbox cars on the ground. This was seriously their favorite part. We could've stopped there. Watch out for little toes when you dump the cars!

Once all of the cars are on the ground have each kid grab one and try and drive it to it's matching piece of colored paper. The kids can drive them through the air while they run or they can drive them on the floor. You could even tell the kids to hop while they drive the cars or take giant steps... or whatever you want to vary up the way they move.

My 16 month old mostly just picked a car or two and drove them around, copying his sister for this part... and it was sure cute!

After kids match one car to one piece of paper they need to hurry back and grab another car and go match it. 

The goal of the game is to see how fast you can work together to get all of the cars matched to their correct colors!

Once all of the cars are matched... then run and collect them in your bucket and dump them again... and start over! My 16 month old loved the collecting part and ran around picking up the cars and putting them in our bucket so they could be dumped again!

Do you have a car lover? What other car themed games have you tried? 

Do you have any other favorite activities that let little toddlers and big siblings play and learn together?

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  1. I love ideas like this for cooperative play! I have a 3 yr old and an 18 mo. old that I come up short with ideas for activities they can do together. We'll be trying this after naptime today. Thanks!


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