Thursday, February 13, 2014

Capes for Kindness

This week as we wrap up our 100 Acts of Kindness project we are focusing on kind acts we can do outside of our families and neighborhoods.  

In our newsletter on Tuesday (Kindness Worldwide) we shared many examples of how families have gotten involved to make a difference in their communities and around the world. 

Today we want to share about one awesome organization that is making a difference everyday and how your kids can join in.

Capes4Heroes is a non-profit that cuts, sews, and individually produces superhero capes for children with life threatening illnesses, disabilities, or other life challenges.

Why capes?

Capes4Heroes says "It’s amazing how something so simple can have such a profound impact. Superhero capes symbolize strength, hope, courage, power and so much more. And, doesn't every true superhero deserve their own cape?!?"

The founder of Capes4Heroes, Barbara Casados, is a mom of a child with autism. Her idea for Capes4Heroes sprung from a daily battle with her son (that you can read more about on the Capes4Heroes website) which led to her making a lot of capes! Capes4Heroes has now personalized and delivered over 5,000 capes all over the United States... which I think is pretty awesome.

So, how can you join in?

  • Start by following Capes4Heroes on Facebook. Just following along is inspiring. Barbara and her team of caped crusaders are rock stars. 
  • Share about Capes4Heroes with your kids. My son thinks Capes4Heroes is super cool. We managed to buy a few capes from Barbara at a preschool event a few years ago and they are one of our favorite dress up items EVER. My son thinks all kids should have one... but especially kids with special challenges who need an extra boost.
  • Work together as a family to earn some money to donate to Capes4Heroes (or any other organization that spreads kindness and is meaningful for your family). Families, individuals, and businesses can donate money to sponsor a cape for a child... or several. Our family (and my Toddler Approved blog/business) decided to donate some of the money we've raised this year to support an upcoming benefit for Capes4Heroes called Corks & Capes. Every contribution is appreciated and they are still looking for sponsors for this year's benefit.
  • You can nominate a hero. If you know of a child who is faced with a life threatening illness, life struggle, etc. who could use a smile, you can nominate them to receive a cape.
  • You can share about Capes4Heroes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or just tell your friends about it. I think it is an inspiring organization that makes me want to be more and do more. The Capes4Heroes Facebook page is packed with smiling faces of kids that are so grateful for their capes. Definitely go over and check it out. 

In addition to supporting Capes4Heroes you could follow the lead of The Pleasantest Thing and turn your kids into Kindness Superheroes!

Here are a few other ways that your kids could be kindness superheroes and make a difference...

If you need any other ideas for how you can spread kindness... go check out my 100 Acts of Kindness Pinterest board. It is filled with ideas and I keep adding more.

How else could your kids be kindness superheroes? 

Send me a link if you have a great post about spreading kindness! I'd love to add it to my pinterest board.

Come join me and Coffee Cups & Crayons on Friday as we celebrate the end of our 100 Acts of Kindness project with a giant kindness celebration! Don't forget to enter my big Valentine's Day DVD Giveaway with Warner Brothers too.

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