Saturday, February 8, 2014

Announcing Zero to Two:: The Book Of Play

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I am beyond excited to share my new project with you... Zero to Two:: The Book Of Play! 

Zero to Two:: The Book Of Play is an e-book packed with fun ideas for babies and toddlers. It is written by several very awesome kid bloggers {including me!}.

You can buy Zero to Two:: The Book Of Play for a special launch price of only $6.99. 

Click on the photo below to make a purchase.

Here's a quick overview of what is included in the book...

The book is filled with 25 ideas for babies and toddlers and links to 50 additional activities.

The ideas are simple, practical, and inspiring.

There are a great range of different types of activities included in the e-book... classics, activities with a twist, sensory experiences, etc.

This Zero to Two:: the book of play video gives you a sneak peek of what is inside the book. See if you can find baby Ryan when you watch the video.


On top of the activities and extra links in the book, we’ve also included a couple of freebie printables: a darling set of puppets for play and singing, and some fun printable stroller cards.

The book is available at a special launch price of $6.99 for one week only (starting today until Sunday, February 16th). 

After that the book will be available for $8.99.

I am excited to have all of these great ideas in one quick and easy to access spot so that I can do them with my 15 month old... and my 3-year-old will probably join in too. I've started trying out the activities shared by several of my co-authors and they are fantastic.

Here are a few answers to questions that have been asked already...

Can you send the book to me, I don't live in the US? 

Of course! The book is an e-book, so it will be emailed to you! Then you can download it as a PDF file or read it in your favorite reading app on your device (phone, ipad, computer, etc.).

Can I pay with a different currency that US dollars?

Yes! When you purchase the e-book through paypal it will figure out the currency rates for you. 

I don't have a paypal account and don't want one. How can I buy the book?

Great question! Just click on pay with paypal and it will take you to the payment page. Once you are there you can select to use paypal, create a paypal account, or just pay with your credit card (and not set up a paypal account). Do that and you can easily buy the book without a paypal account.

Can my child use this book? He is 2.5?

Most definitely! The book is geared towards kids who are zero all the way through their entire second year. Many of the activities included in the e-book are also fun for three and four-year-olds too... and even older!

Have any other questions? Just ask me in the comment section of this post.

Click on the Buy It Now button below to grab a copy of Zero to Two for yourself 

(or your friend or your grandkids).

Buy Now

Want some other ideas for babies or toddlers, head on over to our Toddler Approved and Baby Play Pinterest boards.


  1. I don't have a paypal account and I don't want one. Is there any other way of payment? Also, I have a black and white ereader will you be able to see the pictures clearly? Please advise. thanks.

    1. Hi June- Great question! You don't need a paypal account to buy the book. You can just use your credit card. Click on pay with paypal and then it will show you you can buy with paypal or just use your credit card. Either way you don't have to set up a paypal account. I think the photos should be fine, but I haven't tried them on a B&W e-reader.


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