Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Alphabet Pillow Jumping

This active way to Move and Learn is perfect if you have kids that like to bounce around your house. Our Alphabet Pillow Jumping activity is a great way to get energy out when little kids are stuck indoors and do some learning at the same time.

Materials Needed: paper plates, markers, packing tape, and pillows.

The directions for creating an alphabet pillow jumping game are easy. Write alphabet letters on the paper plates. Then tape the paper plates to the pillows using packing tape and spread pillows around the room.

Have the kids start on one side of the room and try and jump to the other side... saying each letter name as they jump. For older kids you can have them say the letter sounds too or a word that starts with each letter while they jump.

We played this game with my 3-year-old and 5-year-old. The kids took turns jumping and trying to stay on the pillows and not touch the 'lava" underneath the pillows.

The paper plates will get crinkled up a bit, but ours didn't really move off the pillows. 

I tried to use the letters in my 3-year-old's name for our first round so that she would be familiar with some of the letters. 

The kids loved this alphabet activity... and so did I. It was so simple!

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