Thursday, October 10, 2013

Simple Play Activities for Babies {Knoala App}

As a busy mom of three very energetic kids, I often have a gigantic headache by the late afternoon and my creativity is completely zapped. That is usually right around the time when all of the kids need some attention (especially my 1 and 3-year-old) and we need to come up with something fun to do to help us make it through until dinner time.

Today I want to share some simple baby activities we discovered recently. All require little to no prep ahead of time and were simple enough that my older kids could help me set them up.

Texture Trip

For this activity all we did was lay out some different textured materials and encourage the baby to touch them, crawl on them, and explore them a bit.

He had so much fun and loved all the attention! While he roamed around I talked about the different textures that he was climbing or sitting on. I talked about the words soft, bumpy, smooth, hard, slick/slippery, scratchy, etc.

I put the textured items in one long path for him to crawl over and then later I moved them around the room so that he had to crawl from item to item. My 3-year-old enjoyed getting in on the fun too! 

Heavy & Light

Next we played a heavy & light game by filling two tupperware containers with measuring spoons. We put 1-2 spoons in one container and about 8 spoons in another container.

We talked about how one container was heavy (and full of spoons) and one was light (and had very few spoons in it). My little one loved to dump the spoons out again and again. My 3-year-old would then fill up the buckets again and make one light and one heavy. 

After doing the activity with spoons, we did it with cars and my 3-year-old and I talked about the concept of full and empty. She liked transferring all of the cars from one container to another container... and then back to the other container... again and again.

We also did two more simple baby play activities at our house recently that were hits! 

Pumpkin Pull Down 

Put some water on one side of your foam pumpkins. Stick them to a window. Babies can pull the foam down and then stick them back up!

Chair Toy Hunt

Set up some chairs around the house for your crawler who can pull up on chairs. Place a toy on each chair. Encourage your child to crawl around and hunt for the toys on each chair. This is such a simple way to work on building their muscles, get some energy out, and have fun! 

You can also find more of our Toddler Approved baby play ideas if you click on the links below. 


  1. Wow, these ideas are all so fun. I'll definitely have to take a look at that app. My baby won't be here for two more months, but I'm trying to plan ahead for when he's older and needs to play. :)

  2. I loved your post, I'm an early education teacher, so I work mostly with babies and parents in early stimulation classes, and I'm always looking for ideas. I know this post is sponsored by the app, and you have to give credits to the app, but I am not apple friendly, I really much prefer android, I don't have anything of apple, and in the android market this app doesn't exist, so if you could please share more ideas specially for babies from your app with instructions while giving credit to the app, maybe on pinterest? or just your blog, I'd love to come back and bookmark your blog but the links of "full instructions if you download the app" don't work for me. I work with android only :) but I'll be sure to recomend the app to my friends who work with the apple.I really hope you can post more activities with full instructions :) Thank you!

    1. Hi Miss Malena- I am releasing a baby play e-book this weekend that will probably be a great resource for you. The other activities in this post will be re-published on this blog at some point later in the year. In the meantime you can find loads of great baby play ideas here in our baby play pinterest board:

  3. What fantastic ideas! Any chance this app will be available on google play in the near future? Thank you :-)

    1. Thank you!! I chatted with developer today and they are working on it :) Hopefully it will be available soon!

  4. I've long thought apps like this would be a great idea for someone to create (I definitely need them all day long:) ), and I was so happy to recently learn they exist. I linked to your great post above in a hint on the growing market of apps serving this activity inspiration niche:)


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