Thursday, October 17, 2013

Play with Colors: Felt Haunted House {Busy Bag for Kids}

Today I'm actually sharing a project that we did last year, but I totally forgot to post about it! I found our darling felt Haunted House when I was cleaning last week and am so glad I did. The kiddos have really been enjoying it.

Our Felt Haunted House busy bag activity is a great one for helping kids to explore colors! It also provides lots of opportunities for imaginative play.

If you aren't familiar with busy bags, they are simple activities that can usually fit inside a bag. Most of our busy bags are filled with learning activities that help keep little kids occupied for short periods of time.

Supplies: scissors, several colors of felt, sharpie


This busy bag is really really easy to make. I used this pattern from Sarah Jane Studios for my haunted house. I cut out a piece of black felt that looked like the haunted house and then I placed it on top of a sheet of red felt. Next I cut several colored pieces of felt to make windows, doors, and other little accents- bats, moon, ghosts, etc.

Once the house and little accents were cut out of felt, the kiddos grabbed them and started creating!

I loved listening to the stories and sounds as they moved the ghosts and other objects around. Kids can also count the windows, make patterns with the felt shapes, or even grab some scissors and create other items to add to the scene.

I love felt busy bag activities because they are quiet... which is perfect for when I want to take a busy bag to church or another spot where we can't be pulling velcro or making loud sounds. 

This busy bag activity was fun to do alongside my daughter too as a simple language development activity. We enjoyed chatting about the colors, the shapes, and the ghosties. :)

You could also use this Haunted House to create your own Halloween countdown like we did.

I am also excited about the busy bags by the other Busy Bag of the Month contributors. I'll post them here as they go live.

Hot Glue Gun Rubbing Busy Bag via And Next Comes L

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I just made one!! I know my kids will like this.

  2. Linking up to you today! Loved the idea :)


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