Monday, October 28, 2013

Cool Stuff For Boys!

Last week I went shopping to only look for stuff for my boys (I tend to overbuy for their little sister). Our shopping trip was painful because clothes were either picked over or I didn't like the styles. I was reminded once again why shopping online is often way better than in stores AND saves loads of time. 

Recently I was introduced to For Your Boy, a cute little online boutique that sells clothes and gift particularly for boys. 

I had fun browsing the online shop in my pjs (from the comfort of my couch). The shop changes often and the inventory grows weekly, so it's been fun to go back and look and see what is new. 

For Your Boy has all sorts of shirts, jackets, pajamas, lunch boxes, plush toys, backpacks, etc. featuring some of our favorite themes: pirates, robots, vehicles, monsters, aliens & space, and knights & superheroes.

After browsing through the catalog, I was most interested in checking out pajamas for my son. They looked soft and cozy with pretty cool designs on them. My kids are constantly growing out of pajamas so we were in dire need of some new good-looking ones. My son picked the Hatley Monster Truck PJs for us to try out.

At our house we use pjs more than just for sleeping. We wear them in the mornings while we craft, play, read, bake, and run around... so then need to be comfortable and easy to move in.

When my 5-year-old put on his new pjs he just said, "cozy, cozy, cozy" over and over again. He also spent a lot of time looking at all of the little details on the Hatley Monster Truck PJs. The skeleton truck was his favorite. He also loved the bright colors and thought it was cool that there were trucks all over!

The pajamas are made of super combed fabric, which makes them extra soft and comfortable. They are not flame retardant so it is important to make sure when you order that you get the right size to keep the pjs snug. 

My son is constantly moving and his pajamas stayed on (others have totally fallen off before when he moved around too much). These pjs also didn't hug too much (we have a few that look like they are spray painted on after one wash or are way too short).

In addition to these monster truck pajamas, we liked several of the other cool items for boys at the store. Click on the links below to view the full descriptions of each of our favorite products. 

Robot Insulated Lunch Bag (we totally need this)

Next on my list is deciding which of the insulated lunch bags we need (since I WANT them all). I am tired of being the mom that sends snacks to school in ziploc bags that we reuse again and again... It is time to realize my son has grown up and get him and lunch bag.

Click on over to For Your Boy and tell me what you need to have too.

If you want to stay up to date with deals, inspiration, and updates from For Your Boy follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and on the For Your Boy Blog

Also, if you live in a house full of little boys, you might want to check out our For the Boys collaborative Pinterest board. It is filled with crafts, activities, and ideas for creating with boys. Many girls will love the ideas too, but the target for the board was BOYS!

K, so tell me... where is your favorite place to buy clothes & stuff for boys? Do you shop online or offline?

What is your favorite item at For Your Boy that your child would want to buy?  

Disclosure: This review was sponsored by For Your Boy. I was compensated for the post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine. 

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