Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sort and Drop Color Activity with Lego Bricks

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On Saturday my husband and son went to LEGO® KidsFest in San Jose. My two-year-old was a little bit disappointed that she didn't get to go, so we planned our own day filled with exploring and playing with LEGO® bricks.

Today I am going to share a simple Sort & Drop Color Activity that we tried using our LEGO® bricks. 

Supplies Needed: Easel paper, packing tape, box, knife, scotch tape, colored sharpies, and LEGO® bricks.

To create this activity I covered an Amazon box top with easel paper and taped the paper in place. Then I cut five squares into the top of the box and taped the edges around squares so that they wouldn't rip. Lastly, I outlined each square with a different color!

Once our Sort & Drop box was ready to go, we hunted around the house for all of the DUPLO® LEGO® bricks we could find. Although we have both small and large bricks, my 2-year-old prefers the DUPLO® since they are easier for her to manipulate.

Dropping the LEGO® bricks into the colored squares was fun and while we sorted and dropped the bricks, we also talked about the shapes and sizes of each one. Some were bigger than others so we had to turn them or twist them so that they could fit in the right hole.

Opening up the bottom of the box and letting all of the bricks we collected dump out onto the floor was also entertaining... and then we got to play again!

This sort and color drop is a fabulous semi-independent activity for toddlers

If your child is too young to sort by colors, just make a box full of holes and encourage them to drop their LEGO® bricks into whichever hole they want! Sorting, dropping, and then dumping can keep toddlers occupied for a long time... especially if the dumping makes a loud sound! :)

Do you have a child who loves LEGO® bricks? Which set is your child's favorite or does he just prefer a giant pile of bricks to play with? (my 5-year-old son just prefers the giant pile of bricks... as seen below from LEGO® KidsFest)

My 2-year-old is obsessed with the Lego Duplo Big Zoo. She only has part of the set so far... but she'd love the whole thing!

She is also wishing for the LEGO DUPLO® LEGOVille Pet Shop set because she LOVES animals!!

She was so excited that we got to spend the day playing with Legos together and then her dad and brother showed up with the LEGO Duplo Ville Baby Zoo as a special surprise! She has been carrying the animals around all weekend. Does anyone else have a child that is obsessed with Legos AND animals?

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