Monday, September 16, 2013

Sight Word Activities for Kids

I am so excited to be guest posting over at I Can Teach My Child today. I am sharing a simple sight word activity that my kids LOVE.

Click here to head over and check out our Sight Word Target Practice Game at I Can Teach My Child.

Here are five other fun ways you could play with sight words or other words your child is learning to read...

Blowing Down Sight Words
Sight Word Superhero Game
Vacuuming Sight Words (instead of the alphabet)
Sight Word Water balloon game (at Life Your Way)

The best part about all of these games is that you could adapt them and use them to teach colors, letters, numbers, and shapes too!

I Can Teach My Child

I Can Teach My Child also shares lots of sight word activities. Here are a few of my favorites you'll want to check out...

Snowy Sight Words
Sight Word Bingo
Sight Word and Letter Pounding
Roll a Sight Word
Sight Word Smash

Do you have any favorite sight word activities you can share with us? Share the links in the comments! I would love to pin them onto my School Days pinterest board or share them on my Facebook wall!


  1. I LOVE this! As a mama and a former English teacher, I wrote up a post on how I have been teaching my girls to read. My 4-yr-old is already an avid, independent reader, and I was stunned at how easy and fun it was to teach her when she was so excited to learn. Here's my post on how I did it. Keep the tips coming! Reading opens countless doors! Thanks for posting!


  2. I love all your playful ideas for reinforcing reading skills. Thanks so much for sharing at After School!

  3. We are in the thick of sight word learning and activities. Here is our latest and greatest way to practice sight words the fun way. I love your round up of activities as well- I'm sure we'll be trying just about all of them :-)


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