Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Toddler Science: Fizzy Drips

We love fizzy science! 

Today I am sharing a super simple classic science activity that we did last week- fizzy drips!

All you need is a medicine dropper, baking soda, food coloring, bowls, and vinegar. 

We started off by adding food coloring to our vinegar so that we had five different colored vinegar bowls.

Next I filled a flat bowl with baking soda for each kid.

Then I passed each child a dropper and a set of colored vinegar bowls and they started dropping drips of colored vinegar on the baking soda and watching the reaction!

Be prepared that you may wind up with a big mess... like say if your 5-year-old knocks over his vinegar-filled cups and sends his baking soda bowl flying... but either way this activity is still a lot of fun!

This is a great activity to use when teaching kids about colors and color mixing.  

If you love fizzy science, here are a few of our other fizzy favorites...


  1. I was wondering if any vinegar works or if it needs to be a certain type!

  2. Does it matter what type of vinegar!

    1. Nope I don't think so Charlotte, but you can try and let me know. I've used apple cider vinegar and white distilled vinegar and it worked with both. As long as it is vinegar it should work.

  3. What a great little project. I did this with the grandkids this week-end. I gave them each a old ice cube try & filled them with vinegar & food coloring & this worked well for the 3 & 4 yr. olds without any spilling. Thanks Nana Boes

  4. I love that this was easy and all stuff I have laying around. My 4-year-old is still enthralled almost an hour later. And now he knows the words "carbon dioxide." Win. :) Thanks for sharing!


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