Monday, August 26, 2013

Simple Clothespin Fairy Dolls {& Fairytales}

We've been exploring fairytales this month as part of the Poppins Book Nook

My daughter loved reading the fairytale Cinderella by James Marshall. Her favorite character was the fairy godmother because she was so nice and pretty (and sparkly) in stark contrast to the mean and ugly stepsisters.

After we read Cinderella, my daughter became fascinated by fairies, so we decided to make our own simple clothespin fairy dolls!

I love crafts that can be used as toys for small world pretend play too!

Here's what we used to make these clothespin fairy dolls...

  • clothespins
  • markers
  • washable paint
  • paint brushes
  • salad spinner
  • cardstock
  • Elmers glue
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • glitter (optional)

Here's how we made our clothespin fairy dolls...

First we decorated our clothespins with markers and paint and then let them dry. We rolled a few in sequins and glue while they were wet too... just to add some extra sparkles.

Then we cut some wings out of cardstock and put them in our salad spinner. My daughter added some paint and glitter and twirled the wings around again and again until they were colorful and sparkly.

Once the wings dried, we glued them to the back of the clothespin dolls. Then we added face details with markers and we glued clumps of yarn onto their heads with glue.

We let everything dry for a few hours and then we were ready to play with our fairies and fly them around!

Have you made clothespin dolls before?

Have you ever done glittery salad spinner art? 

We will definitely be doing it again soon.

Do you have a favorite fairytale? What is it?

We will be participating in Poppins Book Nook this year. It is a group founded by Jill at Enchanted Homeschool Mom and each month the group has a different theme and shares a variety of children's books and book-related crafts and activities (our favorite things!). In August we are spotlighting fairytales.

If you have your own fairytale themed craft or activity to link up, you are welcome to add it to this month's Poppins Book Nook linky.

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  1. Cute! I bought clothespins a few months ago to do the same thing, and we have yet to get to them!

  2. I could not love these clothespin dolls more :-) I am definitely putting this magical craft on my "to do" craft list with my daughter!

  3. These are super cute and my toddler would love them!

  4. Absolutely adorable. Another to add to my list of things to do when my son is older.

    Thanks for linking up to Mummy Mondays.

  5. These would be so cute to use as puppets for a puppet show. Pinning now!

  6. I love the salad spinner idea. I have shared this on my Magical Things Fairy Day Roundup post.


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