Monday, August 12, 2013

Popsicle Stick Princess Craft {Mom and Tot Craft Time}

My son is away at "Grandma Camp" this week so I just have my 2-year-old daughter and baby boy at home. While the baby naps, my daughter and I have been having fun doing some activities together. She is very interested in cars, trains, rockets, and Star Wars (like her brother), but when we went to the craft store the other night she spotted lots of sparkles and princessy things and decided we needed to make princesses!

We've only done one other princess craft together, so this was a new experience.

I found the coolest People-Shaped Wood Craft Sticks ay JoAnns and had to buy them to try out (one of the many reasons why I rarely go to craft stores :)).  

We decided to make popsicle stick princesses with our craft sticks! Here's how we made them... 


My daughter is obsessed with sparkles. When I would take my eyes off her I would often find her rolling her hands in the sequins so that she could be covered in them. Good thing my kitchen was already a disaster so I didn't care too much that the floor was covered in sparkles!


To start off I cut out several princess dresses from cardstock. I used the people-shaped craft sticks as a guide.

Then we covered the dresses in glue and added sequins and other embellishments.

I had just as much fun with this project as my daughter did. It was sweet to sit across from each other and chat about our princesses and the colored sequins we were adding.

While the dresses dried, we added googly eyes and yarn hair. Cutting yarn for hair is a great simple scissor activity for little ones.  

Then we put lots of glue on the craft stick body and glued the dresses on in place.

The last thing we added were little tiaras which we covered with even more sequins. 

Once the popsicle stick princesses dried they were ready to be played with! 

Watch out for falling sequins if your child adds as many as mine did. I had to make sure to pick up the floor every time we played with them so that the baby didn't wind up eating any sparkly sequins.

Do you have a little one at your house who loves princesses?

Here are a few other princess crafts and activities to try...

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Our favorite princess book is The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.

I'm looking for a few others to add to our collection. Allie from No Time for Flashcards has a great Positive Princess book list that I am having fun exploring.

What is your favorite princess book?

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