Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Window Math with The Gruffalo

This week for Virtual Book Club Summer Camp we are having some fun in the forest with the characters from The Gruffalo!

The Gruffalo is a lovely book by Julia Donaldson. The book shares the adventures of a mouse as he tries to escape some of the hungry animals in the forest... and winds up inventing the Gruffalo to save himself!

Yesterday we shared a simple Spray Bottle Number Hunt with you and today we grabbed our spray bottles again for some more Gruffalo math activities!

This Gruffalo window math activity can help your child practice basic number recognition along with addition and subtraction!

Here's what you need for the activity:

Here's how to set up the activity:

Cut around each Gruffalo on each sheet and hang three of them up side by side with tape on the outside of the windows facing inside your house. Then close the door/window. The window glass should be between you and the Gruffalo.

Here's how you play:

Write a different number on the glass in front of the first two Gruffalos using a whiteboard marker.

Write in a plus or minus sign in between the first two numbers and an equals sign after the first two numbers. Once your Gruffalo number sentence is written out, you can start trying to figure out the answer!  

You can use the space on the window to draw a picture or make dots or other things to help you as you solve the problem. 

Once the problem is completed and the answer is checked and found to be correct, you can erase it using the spray bottle and a towel. As I mentioned yesterday, anything using a spray bottle is a hit at our house.

After awhile, my son wrote math number sentences for me to figure out and fill in. We had fun working together.

Meanwhile, my toddler did her own window math Gruffalo activities.

First I wrote a number on each Gruffalo.

Then I said a number out loud. First she had to use her spray bottle to spray the correct number (that I said) and then she had to erase it using her towel. 

Later on she also tried drawing her own numbers on the three Gruffalo too... and then erasing them and writing them again. 

This activity was simple, involved water and drawing on the window, and let my daughter get a little messy/wet... so of course she was a big fan :)

Have you ever used a spray bottle to do math? Have you tried any math activities with The Gruffalo?

In addition to doing Gruffalo math today, we also went on some #gruffaloadventures around San Francisco!

We took our Gruffalo puppet to Sutro Baths, Bi-Rite Creamery, and Dolores Park.

The Gruffalo is exhausted now and ready for an early bedtime!! :)

I'd love to have you join in with the Gruffalo Adventures coloring contest, so here's what you need to do...

1. Print off this Gruffalo coloring page.
2. Have your kids color it in or decorate it how they'd like. Ours looks like this.
3. Take it with you on all of your adventures this week (or even for the rest of the month, the contest goes till the end of July!)
4. Snap a picture of your Gruffalo adventures and include your Gruffalo.
5. Post your picture and include the hashtag #gruffaloadventures or just post your image on the Gruffalo World FB page  

US Participants that join the Gruffalo Adventures contest this month will be entered to win the super July prize of a $50 Amazon Giftcard and Gruffalo Puppet!

Stay tuned for another simple Gruffalo activity tomorrow! You can also check our Rainy Day Mum's Gruffalo Hunt.  

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