Sunday, July 28, 2013

Glitter Animal Craft

We're wrapping up Virtual Book Club Summer Camp Animal Week and just wanted to share one last craft with you!

A few weeks ago sent us a cool craft pack with supplies to try out and then they also gave a craft pack away to one of our VBC summer camp participants.

Two of the craft materials in our pack were red sparkly glitter (4 ox container) and a glitter glue variety pack of 10 basic colors.

I am not a big fan of glitter... but my kids lit up like it was Christmas when they saw all of the sparkles, so I sent everyone outside and we started some glittery crafting in the backyard!

Here is the simple glitter animal craft we came up with... brace yourself to be sparkly.

Materials needed: glitter, glitter glue, Elmers glue, pencil, heavy cardstock or cardboard, and a big cardboard box.

First we chose our favorite animals and I drew them onto a piece of cardboard using a simple transfer technique. You just trace over the printable image onto the cardboard with a pencil. The pencil leaves faint lines in the cardboard and then you just trace them again with the pencil. Quick and easy! My 5 year old could've done this... but opted to just watch.

Once the animal was drawn then my son traced over the image with glue.

Then we took the glitter and the wet gluey image to the backyard and he shook glitter all over it. We made sure to put our project inside a big cardboard box to try and contain some of the sparkles.

Then we shook off the excess glitter and then he used the glitter pens to add more detail to his lion.

My toddler got in on the action too.

I'm surprised we have any glitter left.

I just let them explore and play with the glitter and glitter pens however they wanted... so the glitter glue was like an inch thick on their animals. It dried raised and they thought it was awesome.


The finished product wasn't the important part of this activity... but the experience with the glitter that they usually don't get to use was heavenly for them! They are big fans of and I think I will be winning the mom of the year award if you ask them.

Check back later this summer for more fun crafts and activities using some of the other craft pack materials we got from

Along with our lion craft we read one of our absolute favorite books from Jan Brett- Honey... Honey... Lion! A Story from Africa.

Do you have a favorite animal book or craft? 

Here are a few of the other animal books and activities we shared over the last week:

Thanks so much to for sponsoring our Virtual Book Club Summer Camp and sending us such a fun craft pack to try out. has kids craft products available at great prices! is dedicated to kids’ arts and crafts projects for preschool children to tweens! From holidays to rainy days, the classroom or at home, you will find step by step instructions to inspire kids with arts and crafts! Many projects on the site contain templates you can download to create at home. You can find on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

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  1. I like it!! I'll propose to my toddler!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. We have the exact same glitter and now I know how to use it. My daughter loves animals and all things red and glittery!


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