Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fine Motor Skills Crafts for Kids {Get Ready for K Through Play}

This week for the Get Ready for K Through Play Series we are talking about fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills are essential. Kids need to have them before they learn handwriting. They help them have proper pencil grasp and control of writing utensils. Fine motor skills relate to the small muscles of the body that help kids with tasks such as writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing. They involve strength, fine motor control, and dexterity.

This post shares several Toddler Approved activities we've shared over the past few years that help kids develop their fine motor skills. My favorite tools to use for fine motor skills development are tongs, stickers, scissors, and clothespins.

Here are a just a few activities you can try with your kids...

Create a sticker book
Do some Paint strip color matching
Make Jumbo thumbtack Shapes
Making words with tongs
Decorate Sparkly Leaves
Cut and paste a purple people eater
Create some Stringing Stars
Use clothespins to make a Name Stegosaurus
Use tongs to make an Octopus
String heart doilies
Do some Ladybug Sticker Counting
Make an Acorn collage
Create a Textured Letter Owl
Put together a Rocket Shape collage
Snip some name ornaments
Cut some shape spiders
Rip and snip some scrap paper rainbows

I also love this list of 50 Fine Motor Skills Activities from Love Play and Learn.

Thank you to My Cute Graphics for the use of the superhero kids graphic.

This post is part 6 of an 8 week series being hosted on 6 blogs to help kids Get Ready for K Through Play!

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  1. These are NOT good toddler activities. Too many chocking hazards. Also, 1-year-olds are just not able to do most of this stuff. These would be great activities for pre-school age.

    1. Hi Anonymous, these are not toddler activities. As mentioned in the post, there are Fine Motor Skills for Kids and are part of our "Get Ready for K Through Play" series, focusing on preschool and pre-k kids who are getting ready for kindergarten. As shared in the description of our blog, Toddler Approved shares activity ideas for kids ages 0-6. Our Get Ready for K Through Play series was not for toddlers. Several of these ideas could easily be adapted for toddlers though (which I consider to include children ages 14/15 months to 3 years old). As always, parents get to determine what they feel comfortable doing with their children and all children develop at different paces, so what is not appropriate for one child at a specific age could be appropriate for another.


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