Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brown Bear Brown Bear Color Game for Preschoolers

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle has been a favorite book at our house since the kids were babies. They have continued to love to read it at all ages.

My toddler (almost a preschooler) is an animal fanatic and has always loved to check out the animals in Brown Bear, Brown Bear and talk about the colors she sees as we turn each page.

Since it is Animal Adventures Week for Virtual Book Club Summer Camp I wanted to share this simple and quick Brown Bear Brown Bear color game that we've been having fun playing.  

All you need are some colorful markers, a piece of white paper or cardstock, and a bowl of teddy graham crackers (or any other dry snack... we wanted to keep with the bear theme :)).

Before you play the game, have your child make little colorful dots all over their paper.

Then show your child a color (ex. red) and say, "cover all of the red dots with bears."

Then ask her to find blue (or any other color) and cover all of those dots with bears.

By the end of the game every dot should be covered and you will have learned (or reviewed) each color! 

Then you can eat a few bears, clear off the game board, and play again. If you have a set of color dice, grab one die and you could roll it instead of calling out a color. 

The goal of this activity was to talk about colors in a fun way. We practiced saying the color names and distinguishing between colors. We also took turns and played together. Sometimes I covered the dots, sometimes my daughter covered the dots. She seemed to love this simple opportunity to be together and learn.

This activity could be adapted for younger kids by using less colors and for older kids by using more intricate colors OR using numbers or alphabet letters.

What is your favorite Eric Carle book? Do you have any favorite Eric Carle book-inspired crafts or activities that you could share in the comments with us?

We also think these Eric Carle products are pretty cool and would make fun gifts if you have big Eric Carle fans at your house like we do.

We are so excited to have The World of Eric Carle as a Virtual Book Club Summer Camp sponsor! You can follow The World of Eric Carle on Facebook & Pinterest for their latest products, plus they share lots of crafts and ideas that are inspired by Eric Carle's Books. 

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  1. This is such a simple but really fun activity. I can't wait to try it with my two year old too. Thanks Kristina for sharing so many great activities for the Virtual Book Club Summer Camp!

  2. Great! Pinned to my Brown Bear board! ;-)

  3. This looks so fun! What a great extension for the Brown Bear, Brown Bear book. I've wanted this book in my collection for years, but still don't have it yet. As soon as we get it, this will be the first activity we do with it. :)


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