Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trying New Snacks With Your Kids

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I am a creative mom who plans a lot of fun and educational things for us to do, but I am not talented when it comes to making interesting meals or even finding good snacks for my kids. This year this lack of talent became more and more apparent daily since my son had to bring a snack to school every day.

I spent many Saturday evenings roaming the snack aisle and fruit and veggies areas trying to decide what to buy that the kids would actually eat that wasn't too expensive and wouldn't go bad really quickly. My husband is rarely home for meals/snacks and I am not a huge eater, so if the kids won't eat it... it goes bad. We joke, but it is true, our fridge is the place where food goes to die. I felt bad every day when I would drop my son off with a bag of goldfish crackers and an apple... or maybe a sandwich- BORING!

Since I'm always looking for new snacks, I was really interested when I heard about the monthly Taster's Boxes from Goodies Co. Click here to check out the cool things inside this month's box.

Subscribers to the Goodies Co. Taster’s Box will receive a monthly box of 5-8 snacks for just $7/month! 

One of the reasons I like this idea is because you get to try out several snacks without going to a store (the box just arrives on your doorstep). Then, if you like certain snacks, you can go to the Goodies Co. website and buy the snacks you like in larger quantities, or just grab them from the store. Either way, you'll know that your kids liked the snack before you buy a big bag and then end up wasting it. 

June's Tasters Box has quite a few things that I want to try... especially the dream water that is all natural and helps you sleep well. With a teething baby at our house, I'll take all the help I can get with sleep. :)

Besides trying out a Taster's Box, how else do you get your kids to try new snacks?

Some of my tips include...

1. Have kids go on a rainbow grocery shopping hunt with me and help them select a few foods for us to buy for snacks and meals. Choosing the snack themselves means the likelihood that they will eat it again is much higher.

2. Have kids make the snacks and create something fun. Last week we made an ant snack with carrots and apples and peanut butter. Even though my son hates carrots, he was more willing to try a bite because it looked cool. We also made the strawberry mice featured above at our VBC Summer Camp. The kids usually won't try nuts or string cheese, but they totally did because it was silly to eat when it was a mouse.

3. Spy on other kids and see what they are eating. When I work at preschool or go to the park I love seeing what other moms bring their kids for snack. I always take mental notes (especially if my kids ask to try a taste of a friend's snack and like something).

What are your tips?

My kids will often go hours without asking for anything to eat, so we typically just have meals with very few snacks in between. Often they are super grumpy during those in between meals hours (and so am I) and the grumpiness can be avoided if we actually have a little healthy snack.

Our favorite snacks right now are...

  • raspberries 
  • crackers with cheese
  • yogurt popsicles
  • apple slices
  • cheese sticks
  • pretzels
  • Kix cereal
  • bananas
  • fishy crackers
  • graham crackers
  • raisins

What are the favorite snacks at your house? I need some more simple ideas!

One of the other reasons that I love the Goodies Co. Taster’s Box is because the box changes each month without me having to do any research or shopping. There are far better things I want to do with my time than research snack ideas for my kids.

To Sign up...

Goodies Co. has an exclusive monthly subscription To get your subscription, visit Goodies Co. and enter the code JUNEBLOGVIP to be invited and skip the waitlist.

First you'll need to enter your email on the landing page. Then create an account by selecting a password and finally you'll enter payment information.

Make sure to jump over and browse the variety of boxes and snack options on Goodies Co. I'm really intrigued by some of the dessert options and the pastitas.

Disclosure: Thanks to Walmart Labs for sponsoring today's post. Walmart Labs is compensating me for this post, but all opinions in the post are 100% mine.


  1. Popular snacks in our house right now include: watermelon, carrots, crackers, o's/cereal, apples, bananas and raisins. I find that books work best with my boys - reading about rabbits and talking about their love for carrots worked very well to get them to eat carrots and The Very Hungry Caterpillar got my oldest son to try salami, which he now loves.

  2. That looks like a delicious snack box! Love the strawberry mouse :)

  3. love your rainbow grocery shopping idea! my son is a picky eater, but I think that a snack box like this would make him excited to try new things.

  4. I have the same problem with my girls lunches and snacks - they are always the same! I try to make it fun but I've been limitd by picky eaters. Thanks for sharing.


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