Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time Management for Families

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We officially kicked off our summer vacation at the end of last week with an ice cream celebration, a water balloon fight, a few trips to the swimming pool, and a popsicle party on our front steps. 

I start getting antsy when there are too many empty spaces on our calendar, so over the weekend I started planning the next few weeks until we leave on vacation. I may have over planned a bit...

My first priority right now is moving back into the part of our house that was just remodeled. We reorganized the space we had and made our master bedroom and bathroom smaller and added a new kids bedroom. Now I need to sort through piles in our garage to decide what to bring up and what to donate. It is going to be a big job!

My second priority is hosting our Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp that starts this upcoming Monday. We have some super awesome sponsors lined up and cool giveaways too... so I've spent a lot of time planning activities and getting them ready to share with our readers. (If you missed our pre-camp planner, you can sign up here to get one- here's a sneak peek below)

My third (and most important) priority this week (and all summer long) is spending time with my husband and kids! I feel like far too often things like cleaning and returning emails and doing laundry somehow get in the way of this more important priority. That needs to change this summer!

This week I am excited about this ebook bundle focused on Time Management for Families. If I can figure out how to apply what I learned from each ebook then I will be on time more often, I will slow down and be present more, and I will get more done during the day... just to name a few! Doesn't that sound awesome?

You can get this bundle for almost 60% off this week only.

With your purchase, you’ll get all five of the following ebooks:

Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews
Honoring the Rhythm of Rest by Daniele Evans
28 Days to Timeliness by Davonne Parks 
Creating a Schedule That Works by Marlene Griffith

During the year I always think, "oh, I'll have time to do that this summer." Well, summer has arrived and I don't really have any more time than I did during the year. This month I am hoping to take charge of my time and live smarter by using the ideas I learn from these fabulous Time Management for Families resources.

What do you waste the most time doing? What makes you late or unproductive? What do you want to spend more time doing this summer?

Here are a few of my favorite tips for slowing down and keeping it simple this summer and enjoying every moment with your kids. 

What other tips would you add?

Click here to sign up for our Virtual Summer Camp planner and newsletter. Camp starts in one week!

Disclosure: I am a Bundle of the Week affiliate which means that I receive a small commission on every ebook bundle that is purchased from my site.


  1. I see your kids eating those ices and I immediately start seeing these plastic wrappers strewn all over the place...a true sign that summer is here

  2. We have one night a week (if not more) when I let the housework sit, and we just spend time together. The world won't end if I don't spend an hour doing dishes and laundry. And we remember those evenings watching the sunset on the front porch a lot more than we remember me doing the dishes.


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