Friday, April 19, 2013

Toddler Approved Musical Instruments: ALEX Musical Owl Review

by Kids Craft Contributor EJ

I grew up in a home full of music, and hope to instill the same love and appreciation that I have in music to my children.  While I would love to have a house full of instruments, I'm very careful in choosing which ones I bring into our play space because we live in a small 2 bedroom apartment.

Today I am excited to share some Toddler Approved musical instruments that we enjoy.

ALEX toys gave me the opportunity to test out/review their Musical Owl, which seemed ideal for our home because it is a compact toy containing 4 musical instruments in one (drum pad, cymbals, washboard & xylophone) and 2 "lollipop" mallets (at least that is what my children think they look like).

The owl is made out of a sturdy wood and painted in bright, bold colors.  The xylophone and cymbal produce a sweet sound (even when being pounded on by an enthusiastic boy).

The drum pad and washboard are durable and solid (again, well tested and pounded on by an enthusiastic boy).  While there are two holes to keep the mallets when not in use, I could foresee one or two of them being carried into another room in house and misplaced (my only concern with the toy (if you don't count the kids having disagreements over whose turn it is to play with it)).

Overall, my children have loved playing with this "all in one" instrument.  I love that it doesn't take up too much space, gives them plenty of options for play and exploration of music, and that it does not require batteries!

I also discovered that ALEX has a whole line of Musical Bath Time toys:

Do you have musical instruments in your house? Are there any instruments that you wish you didn't have?  I've banned any recorders/toy flutes (until someone invents one that comes with a set of headphones connecting to the base where the sound comes out - so only the child is hearing the one high pitched note that they seem to play over and over).

How do you teach your children to enjoy and appreciate music? What are the favorite instruments in your house?

Thanks to ALEX Toys for sharing this fun product with us! If you are interested in exploring some of the other toys that they make, head on over to their website. You can also connect with ALEX on Pinterest and Facebook to hear more about their products and other creative ideas.

"It all begins with a brushstroke... it all begins with ALEX"

Disclaimer: The products shared in this post were given to me for free to review by our friends at ALEX Toys. The opinions expressed in this post are mine. 


  1. kids will definitely like this toys. colorful and educational. andkon

  2. You've shared some good ideas. I didn't think of musical toys that could be used during bath time. Your ideas on toys that are made to include lots of different instruments is a good one too.

    I think that helps them keep things tidier and stay organized too. There are less toys for hem to put away after they have finished playing. Hopefully, seeing the instruments organized that way will create an expectation from early that that is how toys look best, neatly organized so you can play without feeling overwhelmed by a mess.


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