Sunday, April 28, 2013

Screen Free Week Challenge!

If you recall, my last challenge was a bit of a bust. I totally flaked mid-way through. This time around I am creating a challenge that is a bit more do-able for me!

April 29th - May 5th is Screen Free Week and we will be unplugging a bit here at Toddler Approved.

The goal of Screen Free Week is to spend a week turning OFF entertainment screen media and turning ON life! It is a time to unplug and play, read, daydream, create, explore nature, and spend time with family and friends. 

Making Screen Free Week work for ME!

When screens are on at my house my kids end up being more annoyed, grouchy, argumentative, and bored. Their creativity suffers as does their ability to play independently. With our new baby's arrival and our home remodel going on there has been FAR TOO MUCH screen time happening at our house.

Our goal: This week we are shutting off screens for all entertainment purposes during the day. 

No PBS kids videos while my daughter gets the knots combed out of her hair, no Space Angry Birds, no checking Facebook for me while I am sitting in the car waiting for the baby to wake up from his nap, and no Instagram. Nothing! (I think avoiding Instagram is going to be the hardest for me)

I will still be sharing posts on the blog and occasionally sharing things on Pinterest and Facebook. I will also still be checking emails and doing blog work commitments, but only in the evenings.

For some of you this goal probably seems super easy and you are offline most of the day. If that's the case, make your own goal that is harder! 

I typically let myself have some screen time when the kids nap or have quiet time. I have a bucket load of things I could be doing during that time instead... so hopefully I'll accomplish some of it this next week (I hear the laundry pile calling me...).

My entire blog is filled with activities and crafts we do that are screen free... but, if you need more ideas as you tackle screen free week, come check out all of the new fun things I've been pinning on my Pinterest boards!

These are a few of my favorite boards that I pin to... so come follow along!

The Educators' Spin On It has organized a Screen Free Week resource page filled with great ideas... so head on over there for more activity ideas and resources. You can also find 101 Screen Free Activities at 

I think our problem won't be finding activities it will be trying to decide which activities to DO... there are so many to pick from!

The Educators' Spin On It

Leave a Comment Below if your family will be joining us for Screen Free week and let us know what your screen free goal is too!

Feel free to link up any awesome Screen Free activities or resources that you want to share in the blog hop below!


  1. Love this. I am a day late but will give it ago! During Lumpy awake times I will not be on/near a screen!

  2. This is my first year observing screen-free week. At 21 months, I think my son is having an easier go of it!

  3. I'd love for you to share your family-friendly crafts and ideas at Monday Kid Corner at See you at the party!



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