Thursday, March 7, 2013

Splat Painting

As part of our Move and Groove Challenge this week we decided to do some Splat Painting!

Splat Painting is a great way to create while moving and using your muscles. 

We first learned about this version of splat painting from Cullen's ABCs. It was a hit!

The materials are simple. You need a pair of adult pantyhose (ie. nylons or tights), scissors, rice, washable paint, and large pieces of paper.

To make your splatters...

Cut the legs off the pantyhose.
Fill each leg with a scoop or two of rice.
Tie off the legs with a knot to keep the rice contained.
Voila! You have two splatters!

To create with your splatters...

Secure some large drawing paper to your floor. (I used painter's tape)
Drop some paint onto the paper.
Grab your pantyhose splatter and drop it into the paint (while still holding on... so it is kinda like bouncing it).
Move your pantyhose splatter up and down and all around the paper. It will make the coolest marks as it falls and dries!

Once you're done, display your masterpieces! This is how we displayed ours. 

I promise that you will be tempted to join in on the fun... and it is a good workout at the same time! You work out your leg and arms muscles quite well if you get into it!

If you don't love messes, do this activity outside or in the garage... or just put down loads and loads of paper all over the floor. My kids painted their toes, the floor, and even a few pieces of clothes (accidentally), so, BE WARNED. This is a messy activity. Use washable paint and have your kids wear clothes that are ok to get a little dirty (or strip them down like I do)! Make sure to set guidelines ahead of time regarding where your kids can paint and how they can use their splatters (ie. move them up and down, don't swing them like pendulums and bonk your sister).

What other painting activities have you done that get your whole body involved?

What other creative tools do you like to paint with?

If you're just joining us, head over to our Move and Groove 30 Day Challenge landing page to read about the details of our challenge. Can't wait to hear how it is going for you! If you participated last week, make sure to report how your work went here.


  1. This is on messy awesome idea... I am sure I will join right in :)

  2. I've never heard of this but I think my son would really like it. thanks!

  3. I love how this art project is physically active!!!

    1. Me too! I need to find more active creative ideas like this. It was a lot of fun!

  4. It's snowing today but as soon the weather is nice, we'll be trying this outside!
    Thanks! Amy

  5. Wow, you are brave to let them do this indoors!! This looks like a lot of fun, but definitely something we would do outside. :-)

    1. It actually wasn't hard to keep it mostly under control once I explained the expectations and how to do it. My kids are rule followers though and they wanted to see the prints on the paper. I definitely wouldn't do it with a large group inside but we've done way messier projects than this in our kitchen. If you do it, let me know how it goes! We had a blast.

  6. this looks awesome would love to try it with my kinders do you have any suggestions to an alternative to rice though? i don't think rice would be allowed at preschool

  7. Just wondering, it might be a silly question, so sorry in advance!

    Rice - cooked or just raw?

    Thank you! ^_^

  8. going to do this in the garden now to work up an apetite for lunch. Can't wait.

  9. We're going to try this today as fireworks painting! Thanks for the idea!


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