Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mom and Tot Craft Time: Simple Rainbow Snake

My toddler has a plastic snake that she likes to carry with her all over the house. Sometimes I forget that it is fake and it totally creeps me out. Yesterday after her quiet time she was being kind of emotional and clingy so I thought it would be fun to work together on a mom and tot craft time project and spend some extra time creating just the two of us.

EJ shared the legend of St. Patrick and how he chased the snakes out of Ireland, so inspired by that post I thought it would be fun to mix my favorite part of St. Patrick's Day (rainbows) with my daughter's obsession (snakes) and create a simple rainbow snake project

Paper plate snakes are pretty classic kid crafts. We used some basic materials and then just had fun chatting while we created. 



First I used scissors and cut the paper plate into a spiral with a snake head in the center.

Then I passed my daughter the dot markers and let her start creating! If you want to be even more creative, add some glue and tissue paper or some felt pieces for texture.

Once she was done with the paint, she added some googly eyes and then we let the snake dry.

We ended the afternoon bouncing our snake around the house and making silly snake-like sounds.

Have you ever made a paper plate snake?

What other ways do you like to craft with paper plates?

Do you have any favorite simple rainbow crafts?

Here are a few of our favorite Toddler Approved rainbow crafts & activities...


  1. We have made long paper snakes and hung them from the ceiling and blasted them with a hair dryer. This demonstrates that heat rises but it makes snakes jiggle and dance which my kids think is hysterical. Bouncy music makes this even sillier.

  2. Perfect as Year of the Snake craft! Will pin to my Asian American board!

  3. Thank you for his fun craft. My kids are 9 and 7, but I think they would enjoy hit anyway. I am planning a FUN DAY on Friday, as a surprise, to do some St. Patrick's Day activities. I think I will have them just paint a paper plate however they want and then when they are dry I will cut them to make them into snakes. That will be a fun surprise!

  4. For people who want to tie this into St. Patrick's Day quasi-religiously, there is a legend that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland...!


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